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May 18, 2012

Theo Chocolate

by Anne Paddock

Touted as the first organic and Fair Trade chocolate factory in the US, Theo Chocolates is a Seattle-based company that makes a variety of chocolate caramels, cream-based ganache chocolates, bars, sipping chocolate, and nibs. Most chocolate manufacturers specialize in producing gift box assortments or bars but not Theo, who controls the entire chocolate manufacturing process from the bean sourcing to the final packaging. This approach allows the company to produce a varied product line that is sure to please the consummate chocolate lover.

sea-salt-caramels-600x400The name “Theo” comes from the Greek name of the cacao tree:  Theobroma Cacao which means “Food of the Gods” and there is no better name for chocolate.  Since 2006, the “Theonistas” of Theo Chocolate have been producing some of the most delicious and innovative chocolates in the form of Grey or Pink Salted Vanilla Caramels in milk or dark chocolate or Ghost Chile Salted Caramels in Dark Chocolate – the Gold Winner of the 2011 SOFI (Special Outstanding Food Innovation) Award in the Chocolate category which is essentially the Emmy Award for Chocolate.

165400_10151425087913576_1490955794_nThe caramels – Vanilla, Ghost Chile, Honey Saffron, and Coffee are enrobed in milk or dark chocolate and either adorned with bee pollen or sprinkled with grey or pink sea salt or Hawaiian red sea salt and dried chiles. The caramels come in boxes of 4 ($8.80) or 12 ($26.40).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe company also produces a wide variety of chocolate bars in both milk and dark chocolate: Salted Almond, Toasted Coconut, Cherry & Almond, Mint, Orange, Chai Tea, Hazelnut Crunch, Coffee, Fig Fennel & Almond, Coconut Curry and even a Bread and Chocolate Bar (buttery toasted salted bread crumbs and 70% dark chocolate).  The dark chocolate bars (70%, 85%, and 91%) and milk chocolate (45%) bars are also sold plain. Each 3 ounce bar is approximately $4.

chocolate_theo_sizedTheo Chocolates are preservative free and contain only pure ingredients that are grown sustainably. Sustainable packaging and printing methods are used and green energy sources power the chocolate factory, which can be toured every day of the week. If planning to take a tour of the company, make a reservation by booking on-line or calling 206-632-5100 or show up for the daily 2:30 pm walk-in tour. Tours are $6 per person.

395987_10150985425183576_1935140983_nTheo Chocolates can be ordered on-line through the company website listed below. The chocolates are also sold at fine food stores. For a complete list of stores in your zip code area, go to the company website link.

Theo Chocolates
3400 Phinney Avenue North
Seattle, Washington 98103

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