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May 8, 2015

The Ultimate Oxford Shirt

by Anne Paddock

The Oxford shirt has been around for decades  – maybe longer – and is one of those wardrobe pieces that never goes out of style but finding a well made, stylish, and great fitting Oxford shirt made of 100% cotton at a reasonable price is a challenge. If you happen to be a woman with a long torso and arms, then the search is even tougher.

My husband swears by Brooks Brothers but he’s a guy shopping for men’s shirts (and the company’s women’s shirts are too short in the torso for long-waisted women). I’m a gal looking for women’s shirts and swear by Abercrombie & Fitch and specifically, the men’s Oxford Shirt with the Muscle Fit (as opposed to the Classic Fit) meaning the shirt is cut slimmer and fits closer to the body. Meant for a man, but fitting for a woman (sounds like that 1970’s commercial for Secret deodorant that went something like “strong enough for a man but made for a woman.”

Abercrombie_Oxford_PinkMarketed to young males with slim bodies, the Abercrombie Oxford also fits women’s bodies – especially those with a long torso and arms.  The slimmer cut means the shoulder seam fits closer to the top of the shoulders and the torso doesn’t have lots of extra bulky material. Men’s shirts are also made longer so the shirt can be worn tucked in or out with a full range of arm motion. The sleeves are long enough to just cover the wrist but can easily be rolled up for a more casual look. There’s just enough slimness to the men’s shirt to garner a great fit for a woman.Abercrombie_Oxford_Yellow

Abercrombie’s Oxford Shirt comes in five sizes (S,M,L,XL,XXL) with the S a near perfect fit for a woman who wears a size 6-8 blouse. A size M generally fits those who wear a size 10-12 shirt, while a L roughly translates to a size 14 shirt. Made of 100% cotton in five solid colors (white, blue, navy, yellow, and pink) and three striped colors (blue stripe, green stripe, and pink stripe), the Abercrombie Oxford sells for $68 but is often marked down to $39 (with free shipping for all orders over $75) via the company’s on-line store: Join the e-mail list to obtain promotion codes for additional discounts.Abercrobie_Oxford_blue

Timelesss, utilitarian, and fashionable, the men’s Oxford by Abercrombie with the “muscle fit” is the ultimate Oxford shirt for women…even on the golf course, feeding ducks.1526772_10152903614781848_8388210695664007442_n

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