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February 15, 2016


Macadamia Cheddar

by Anne Paddock

Christopher’s Kitchen – a restaurant, take-out, juicer, and wine bar in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida makes a product called Macadamia Cheddar that can only be described as pure fromage plant-based bliss. Made of organic ingredients – macadamia nuts, carrot juice, lime juice, nutritional yeast, turmeric, jalapeño, paprika, and sea salt, Macadamia Cheddar tastes like savory aged cheddar cheese baked into a semi-crunchy cracker. 

Macadamia_CheddarDelicious straight out of the container (it’s impossible to eat just one) or served as an appetizer in a small serving bowl, Macadamia Cheddar is also delicious sprinkled over tortilla chips piled with beans (black, refried, or pinto), chopped tomatoes, scallions, and avocado for a whole new take on nachos. For an added flavor bonus, sprinkle Macadamia Cheddar over salads, baked potatoes, or roasted vegetables.Christopher's_Kitchen_Macadamia_Cheddar_Bowl

There are several companies making vegan cheeses but no one makes a product like Macadamia Cheddar which can only be purchased from Christopher’s Kitchen at 4783 PGA Boulevard in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. At $7.75 for a 4 ounce container, Macadamia Cheddar is expensive but worth every bite!Christopher's_Kitchen_Macadamia_CheddarTo read more about Christopher’s Kitchen, see their website:

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    Ooh yummy!

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