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June 30, 2016



by Anne Paddock

Mother Nature’s juiciest apricot.

Angelcots® are a new variety of apricots that are juicier, sweeter, and more flavorful than the traditional apricot.   Grown in northern California, Angelcots® are an early season variety available from the end of June through July.  What sets this new kid on the block apart from other apricots is the sugar content, which is 18-24% compared to regular apricots that have 12-14%, and a juicy texture that makes them positively addicting.

Angelcot_SplitA small oval-shaped stone fruit, Angelcots® have a fine, velvety exterior fuzz with a pale yellow skin and a peach colored hue when ripe (hint:  if there are tinges of green, allow the fruit to further ripen). The optimal time to eat these apricots is when the fruit emits a flowery aroma and when the skin is slightly soft to the touch. Simply wash, split open and enjoy the creamy light yellow flesh.

Sold in 1 pound plastic containers for about $5, Anglecots® are available at grocery stores nationwide – including Whole Foods Markets and Trader Joe’s – but only for a few more weeks. So enjoy them while you can!Angelcots

  1. Jun 30 2016

    They are in stock in Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods nationwide this week.

    Jun 30 2016

    Never seen these before! Will have to try them!

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