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August 17, 2016

Nothin’ But® Granola Cookies

by Anne Paddock

Enjoy nothin’ but the deliciousness of a few real ingredients, tastefully combined.

Nothin’ But® Granola Cookies are made by Nothin’ But Foods of Westport, Connecticut – a company established by two entrepreneurs who know that “simple ingredients combined in the right way can achieve tasty greatness.” Tired of the junk food that was being passed off as nutritious and good, Jerri Graham and Steve Laitman created granola cookies in two flavors:  Cherry Cranberry Almond and Chocolate Coconut Almond.

Cherry Cranberry Almond Granola Cookies are packed with nuts (almonds), dried fruit (cranberries and cherries), seeds (pumpkin), and oats. Sweetened with honey and organic cane sugar, the cookies also contain olive and sunflower oil, cinnamon, vanilla, sea salt, and maple extract. A chewy, fruity, and nutty cookie that is made from non-GMO ingredients, the cookie is also kosher,  and free of dairy, egg, and gluten. Nothin'_But_Cherry_Cranberry_Almond_Granola_Cookies

Chocolate Coconut Almond Granola Cookies are made with almonds, oats, semi-sweet chocolate chips, honey, unsweetened coconut, organic cane sugar, olive oil, oat flour, vanilla, sea salt, cinnamon and espresso powder. Chewy, chocolatey, and nutty describe these cookies with all the same nutritional attributes as the Cherry Cranberry Almond Granola Cookies.Nothin'_But_Chocolate_Coconut_Almond_Granola_Cookies

Nothin’ But® Granola Cookies are sold in a 7 ounce resealable pouch that contain between 11 – 14 cookies that sells for $6.99 or in a convenient 1.4 ounce two pack for $1.50 at Whole Foods Markets in the northeast and fine grocery stores throughout the country. Click here to use the retail locator.Nothin_But_Granola_Cookies

Or, purchase on-line directly from the company at where three 7-ounce bags can be purchased for $15.99.Nothin'_But_Cherry_Cranberry_Almond_Granola_Cookies

To read more about Nothin’ But Foods, go to the company website at'_But_Granola_Cookies

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