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Where Does $100 to Big Brothers Big Sisters Go (2018)?

Big Brothers Big Sisters includes more than 250 non-profit organizations nationwide:

  • The national office:  Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA)
  • The foundation:  Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation (BBBAF)
  • The affiliates: 250 local affiliate offices

BBBSA is the largest of the Big Brothers Big Sisters organizations (in terms of revenue raised) so the focus of this post will be on the national office and how they spent revenue in 2018 (but don’t hesitate to read the Form 990 for your local affiliate to find out how they spent revenue).

It is important to note that if a contribution was given to the national office, the revenue was spent differently than if given to a local office because at the national level, revenue was basically spent three ways: supporting the national organization’s staff and overhead including fundraising, providing grants, and providing education and support to the affiliates. The provision of grants is not the local affiliates’ mission; instead, the local affiliate is the receiver of grants which are used to provide program services at the local level. Read more »


Understanding Big Brothers Big Sisters

Most people think Big Brothers Big Sisters is a nationwide organization that creates and supports mentoring relationships between children and adult volunteers but Big Brothers Big Sisters is actually more than 250 organizations organized as follows:

Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation (BBBSF):  A 501 (c) (3), BBBSF is based in Kansas City, Missouri with a donation center that solicits, used, resalable clothing and household goods from the community to help fund the mission of the local Big Brothers Big Sisters affiliate (Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City). Typically, foundations affiliated with a non-profit exist to assist the national office but this foundation has only awarded one grant annually to the Kansas City affiliate. Read more »