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Maya Kaimal Simmer Sauces

The aroma of fresh curry leaves cracking in hot oil with mustard seeds and dried chilies led Maya Kaimal, a graduate of Pomona College to become an award-winning cookbook author and a leading authority on Indian cuisine. Taking her passion one step further, Maya decided to take those recipes and cook her homemade sauces using wholesome and all natural ingredients and traditional techniques like caramelizing onions and toasting spices to build deep layered flavors in the sauces that most of us only know from restaurants. Bottling up those sauces and selling them through grocery stores and on-line retailers was the next logical step to bring Indian cuisine into our own kitchens. Read more »


Cacao Sweets and Treats on a “Sundae”

Sunday evenings usually signify the end of the weekend so what better way to end the day then with a sundae topped with Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge or Salted Caramel Sauce by Cacao Sweets & Treats? Two luscious and decadent sauces poured over ice cream are hard to beat with the most difficult decision being which sauce to choose:  the rich, dark chocolate hot fudge sauce or the creamy, silky caramel sauce with a hint of Himalayan pink salt? Both sauces will turn an ordinary Sunday into a scrumptious sundae. Read more »


“The Soul of All Living Creatures”

Evolution favors the wolf who focuses on what matters most: finding food, remaining healthy, resting, breeding, caring for young – not confronting and dominating others. The same is true for all species.

Several weeks ago, the New York Times Magazine published “Zoo Animals And Their Discontents,” an article about Dr. Vint Virga, a veterinarian and animal behaviorist who tends to the psychological welfare of animals in captivity. Virga is to zoo animals what Freud, Frankl, and Jung were to humans. So, when an animal in captivity displays anxiety, depression, phobias, obsessive-compulsive behavior and other maladies, Virga is called in to diagnose and treat the afflicted animal. Read more »


Granola Lab Granola

Granola Lab is a very special and exceptional oat-based granola made in Brooklyn, New York (which seems to have more innovative food companies per capita than anywhere else). All natural and preservative-free, Granola Lab Granola is bold, super flavorful and full of healthy oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and spices guaranteed to wake up your taste buds with every bite. Dairy-free, wheat-free, GMO-free and certified delicious, Granola Lab makes five varieties of not-too-sweet and savory granola, all of which can be enjoyed for breakfast, an afternoon pick-me-up, sprinkled on yogurt or ice cream, or as a perfect snack any time of day. Read more »


Sukhi’s Potato Samosa

Samosas – flaky pastries with savory fillings – are a popular finger food in the Middle East and Asia, especially India and Pakistan where the fillings are often made of potatoes, onions, peas, lentils, and sometimes poultry or meat. In the United States, samosas are widely available at Indian restaurants, supermarkets, and most recently, at grocery stores in the frozen food section under the name of Sukhi’s Gourmet Indian Foods: Indian Bites. Read more »


How To Showcase A Cake

Seattle may be well-known for corporate giants (Microsoft, Amazon), Pike Place Market, innovative food companies (Theo Chocolate, CB’s Peanut Butter) but the Pacific northwest city is also home to Rosanna, a top home design company known for making beautiful tableware: plates and platters, bowls, teapots, mugs, flatware and especially cake pedestals to showcase that fabulous chocolate, coconut, or red velvet cake. Made of porcelain or stoneware in white, pink, blue and black, Rosanna Cake Pedestals are exquisite and make an elegant presentation on any table.  Read more »


The Vermont Common Cracker

When it comes to flavor, common does not mean ordinary.

Nearly two hundred years ago in 1828, the Cross brothers of Montpelier, Vermont created the Montpelier Cracker which became known as the Vermont Common Cracker: a mild flavored, crunchy cracker often served with cheese, dips, and spreads but equally delicious with nut butters, jam, or served with soups and chowders. Although the recipe has been slightly modified to eliminate unhealthy oils and fats, the Vermont Common Cracker is essentially the same cracker first enjoyed by Vermonters and now savored by many. Read more »



LoAdebar (pronounced “Load Bar”) is one of the best tasting certified organic energy bars on the market. Never heard of it? You will. Loaded with all natural organic ingredients including dates, almonds, walnuts, oats, cashews, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, raisins, flax seeds, sesame seeds, cinnamon, brown rice syrup, puffs, and protein, the LoAdebar is one super delicious energy bar. Read more »


“The Brothers”

One way to bring Americans to reflect on their past – and future – would be to revive memory of the Dulles brothers. Their actions frame the grand debate over America’s role in the world that has never been truly joined in the United States.

Read more »


What’s In That Sugar or Waffle Cone/Cup?

Nearly 100 years ago, a Lebanese immigrant named Albert George purchased second-hand cone baking machines and founded the George and Thomas Cone Company. Today, that company is now named the Joy Ice Cream Cone Company and is the largest ice cream cone producer in the world, manufacturing more than 1.5 billion cones a year for retail consumers and food service companies. Based in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, the company is still owned and operated by the George family along with the employees. Read more »