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“To End All Wars”

I don’t often read historical books on wars because even after 50 years on this earth, I still don’t really understand the aggression and find the detail on battles and strategic moves boring. But after reading the reviews of “To End All Wars” by Adam Hochschild, I thought the book worthy of reading. Read more »

Ypres, Belgium: The Christmas Truce

Three years ago while my daughter was on a school trip, my husband and I went on a weeklong WWI battlefield tour.  Normally, I am the travel agent in the family securing flights, hotels, rental cars, and doing most of the research. But, this trip was my husband’s brainchild and all I had to do was show up because this adventure was a “duty” trip: the only reason I was going was to spend time with him.  My husband bought books, maps, made endless phone calls, and spoke to other WWI enthusiasts before deciding which sites, museums, and towns we needed to visit. And, he made the hotel reservations and mapped out our whole trip. Read more »