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You Know You’re in Switzerland When…

My great-grandmother was born in Soulalex, a village located in the French-speaking canton (similar to a US state) of Valais (section 23 in the map below) in Switzerland.  Located literally on the side of a mountain, Soulalex was a small farming village a hundred years ago when she left and immigrated to Illinois in search of a better life. She was 16 years old. Read more »


Nordic Walking

While living in Switzerland, I noticed that many people used nordic poles to walk vigorously. Their posture was excellent and yet their movements seemed so fluid, fast and effortless. More popular in Europe than the US, nordic walking is a sport that has yet to be recognized or “gone viral” as my daughter would say. She calls nordic walking an “old ladies sport” but there couldn’t be anything further from the truth. Read more »


Special Places in Switzerland: Bonmont in Cheserex

There are several well-known cities in Switzerland but there are also many small towns off the beaten path that offer a retreat from traffic, shopping, and noise.  The Chateau de Bonmont in Cheserex is one of those places. Located about 20 minutes north of Geneva, the Chateau de Bonmont is also known as the “Golf and Country Club Bonmont”  or simply the “Golf Hotel Bonmont” because this place is both a club and hotel – but guests do not have to be a member of the club to stay at the hotel. Read more »

Microsoft and Apple….The USA and Switzerland

Microsoft and Apple remind me of the United States and Switzerland. Each has their place front and center in the world market yet no two modern companies or countries could be more different in how they operate and what they produce. All four entities tend to evoke strong opinions among admirers and detractors. Read more »

Gstaad, Zermatt, or St. Moritz?

Switzerland is a mountainous country that has numerous mountain resorts but the big three are:  Gstaad, Zermatt, and St. Moritz. The dilemma of whether to go to Gstaad, Zermatt, or St. Moritz comes down to personal preference. Each town is different and has special characteristics, so best to look at the following five (5) areas and decide for yourself.

  • Location
  • Sports
  • Environment
  • Town
  • Ambiance Read more »

Getting to Know Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland, home of the Matterhorn (pictured at right) is about 40 miles from Sion in the southern region of Switzerland (see map below) and is the only place in Switzerland that I’ve always left wishing I had more time to stay because there is so much to see and do. Although there is an airport in Sion, most international flights arrive in and depart out of Geneva or Zurich because weather conditions can change so rapidly in this mountainous region. Read more »


Top Ten List For Gstaad, Switzerland

Gstaad, Switzerland is located approximately 90 miles (150 kilometers) from Geneva or 110 miles (180 kilometers) from Zürich in southwest Switzerland. Easily accessible by auto or train, Gstaad conjures up thoughts of a “scene” and the town can be quite the happening place, but it’s also possible to go to Gstaad and have a low-key stay. There are choices galore to fill your day and the best place to start is at or go to the Gstaad Information office, located in the center of the village at Promenade 41.   The Gstaad Information office is a one-stop information resource – either on-line or in person. Read more »


What To Do In Bern, Switzerland

Bern is the capital of Switzerland and is almost halfway between Geneva (80 miles) and Zurich (70 miles). Easily accessible by train or car, Bern is a fun place to spend a day. The old part of the city has the most character with traditional architecture and old streets that are interesting to explore. Don’t miss the “Time Bell” which is called the “Zytglogge” in Bern: a clock tower with moving parts that was probably the inspiration for kitschy Swiss clocks popular with tourists (as I’ve never seen one of them in a Swiss home). Read more »

What To Do In Vevey, Switzerland

Vevey, Switzerland is a vibrant town on the north shores of Lake Geneva (Lake Leman) about 18 kilometers (11 miles) from Lausanne or 50 kilometers (32 miles) from Geneva. The town is most famous for being the home of Charlie Chaplin for the last 25 years of his life (1952-1977) although the Swiss may tell you Vevey is most famous for being the place where milk chocolate was invented in 1875. Or, they may tell you that Vevey is where the Nestle Company was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestle.  All may all be true but Vevey is also where the Musee de l’Alimentation or the Food Museum is located. Read more »


Tristan, Artisan Chocolatier

Swiss chocolatiers make some of the finest chocolates in the world, most of which are available throughout the globe but there is one chocolatier in particular who makes magnificent chocolates but only sells them in the local Geneva area. Tristan Carbonatto – a warm, engaging man with a big smile – is the “Tristan” in Tristan Artisan Chocolatier, a small light filled shop that looks like a garden of chocolate. A man with a passion for chocolate, Tristan clearly enjoys sharing “la joie de chocolat” (the joy of chocolate) with the rest of us.  Read more »