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Where does $100 to Homes For Our Troops Go?

Our veterans hold a special place in our hearts because they have put themselves on the front line to protect our country.  Although the US Department of Veterans Affairs strives to take care of our veterans when they come home, this is not always the case because the demand for goods and services often outweighs the government’s ability to meet these needs. To make up the shortfall, many non-profit charitable organizations raise funds to help. Read more »


Passion for Paws

While sitting in the waiting area of a car service center one day, a woman with a cascade of brown curls falling from the bun in her hair walked in wearing a pair of animal print leggings. She sat next to me and immediately greeted my 14-year old Jack Russell who was curled up in a tight ball on my lap, while introducing herself as “Ava Rhodes.” While we talked about our passion for animals, I learned Ava has 2 dogs and 5 cats which made me pause and make a mental note (self: there is a special place in heaven for anyone who takes care of seven animals). Read more »


Where does $1 to Hospice of Palm Beach County go?

Hospice of Palm Beach County, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) that is a “part of” (one non-profit may not own another non-profit) Trustbridge, Inc. a 501 (c) (3) that has two branches: one for hospice care and the other for support services. The hospice care branch has three organizations:

  • Hospice of Palm Beach County, Inc. (HPBC)
  • Hospice of Broward County, Inc. (HBC)
  • Hospice by the Sea, Inc. (HS)

The other branch of Trustbridge, Inc. consists of five organizations: medical supplies, home health care, palliative medicine, caregiver support, bereavement programs, and fundraising: Read more »


Where does Money to Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, Inc. Go?

Everytown is a movement of Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities. Gun violence touches every town in America. For too long, change has been thwarted by the Washington gun lobby and by leaders who refuse to take common-sense steps that will save lives.

But something is changing. More than 3 million mayors, moms, cops, teachers, survivors, gun owners, and everyday Americans have come together to make their own communities safer. Together, we are fighting for the changes that we know will save lives.

Everytown for Guns Safety Action Fund, Inc. (Everytown) was formed in 2014 when two non-profits – Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America – combined to form one united non-profit to work together to reduce gun violence. How do they do this? By advocating for  universal background checks on firearms purchases – including those at gun shows and over the internet, by supporting laws to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, supporting gun safety technology, and supporting legislation for stronger penalties for gun trafficking. Read more »


Why the Salvation Army Should File an IRS Form 990

The Salvation Army is an international group of Christians who claim the Salvation Army is a church.  The funny thing is I can’t remember the last time I drove down the road and saw a church with the sign “Salvation Army” in front of it although I see signs in front of other churches identifying the property as Methodist, Evangelical, Presbyterian, Catholic, and more. In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing a church with the words “Salvation Army” on a sign in front of a church. So, where is the Church of the Salvation Army?  Read more »


Where does $100 to Halifax Urban Ministries Go?

Halifax Urban Ministries (HUM) “provides assistance with rent, utilities, clothing, medical, and food for needy families, and meals and shelter for the homeless.” Based in Daytona Beach, Florida, HUM is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) serving the local area in both preventing homelessness and assisting the homeless. Read more »


Where Do Dollars to the NRA Go?

The NRA – National Rifle Association of America – is a 501 (c)(4) which differs from a 501 (c)(3) in four ways:  the organization can engage in unlimited lobbying as long as the lobbying pertains to their mission, participate in political activity, endorse or oppose political candidates, and donate money and/or time to political organizations.

Contributions made to a 501 (c)(4) are not tax-deductible which means the NRA relies primarily on other sources for income: member dues, program fees, other contributions and grants, royalties, related organizations, investment income, sale of assets, advertising, subscriptions, and other sources. Read more »


$19 a Month to St. Jude’s: How Much Goes to the Kids

St. Jude’s runs advertisements asking donors to make a monthly gift of $19 and become a “partner in hope.” $19 sounds manageable so who wouldn’t want to give a little less than twenty bucks a month to help a sick child with cancer or other life threatening disease? Judging by the tax returns submitted by St. Jude’s, a lot of people make this donation every single month. Have you ever wondered how much of that $19 is actually spent on a sick child and his or her family?

Based on the IRS Form 990’s submitted for the year ending June 30, 2015, the answer is $8.17 per month: Read more »


Where does $100 to USA For UNHCR Go?

Commercials for USA for UNHCR televising the plight of refugees across the world have been playing on various networks lately. Showing refugees – especially children – at their most vulnerable is enough to make most people pick up the phone and make a donation but beware because the most recent financial information (IRS Form 990 2015) indicates that less than 60 cents of every dollar donated to this organization goes to THE UN organization that helps refugees. Read more »


Where does $100 to March of Dimes Go?

If you made a $100 donation to the March of Dimes (MOD) in 2015, how was that money spent? According to the IRS Form 990 (2015), there are two ways in which to look at how that donation was spent: by looking at the four categories in which the organization classifies expenses:  program, management, fundraising, and grants; or by looking at the line item expense, with the later providing more detail: Read more »