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Who doesn’t love chocolate bark – thick slabs of chocolate blended with nearly anything edible – fruit, nuts, candy, and more? The combination of flavors – sweet and salty – and textures – creamy, crunchy, and chewy make chocolate bark irresistible. By it’s very nature, chocolate bark is chunky making the confection a bit tricky to eat unless the choice is barkTHINS – perfectly portioned, thin slivers of fair-trade certified chocolate crammed full of wholesome non-GMO project verified snack ingredients like almonds, pumpkin seeds, pretzels, blueberries, quinoa, coconut, and peppermint. Read more »


Maya Kaimal Chickpea Chips

Chickpeas – also known as garbanzo beans – are loaded with protein and fiber.  Easily made into a flour, chickpeas can be used to make a variety of products including chips that are crispy and savory. Maya Kaimal Fine Indian Foods combines flour made from chickpeas with rice flour, sunflower and canola oil, dehydrated potatoes, rice starch, sesame seeds and spices to make a flavorful and delicious chip. Similar to murukku – savory and crunchy twists made from rice and bean flour in India –  Maya Kaimal Chickpea Chips are a great alternative to traditional chips. Read more »


The Highjacking of Vogue Magazine

The most coveted annual issue of Vogue is out this week. Known as the September Issue, the thickest edition of the year has been a guide to Fall fashion – a season that signifies the beginning of a new year for most women – for decades. This is the issue where women learn about trends in hemlines, style, rise, cut, color and fabric – all displayed on models wearing outrageously expensive fashions that will give a hint to what will be on the hangers in Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Target, and Zara – at a significantly lower price point. Read more »


ChocAlive Truffles

There are four basic food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate truffles.                                                      A Chocolate Enthusiast

The chocolate truffle:  rich, decadent, creamy, and fresh. Leave it to the French to invent a confectionary that contains obscene amounts of cream and chocolate but credit a few Americans at ChocAlive for making an exquisite vegan, dairy-free raw chocolate truffle that is as gratifying to your taste buds as it is satisfying to your body. ChocAlive truffles contain only the highest quality plant-based raw and organic ingredients including Medjool dates, cacao, coconut, agave nectar, and almonds. Read more »


Ten Books Not to Buy For Kids

Freedom of speech in the United States is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution and is a right we take very seriously in this country.  It’s why the NRA can heckle the parents of slain 5 and 6-year olds from Sandy Hook Elementary School when they speak out for gun control or why members of the Westboro Baptist Church are allowed to protest at funerals for serviceman and servicewomen who gave their lives protecting our country. Distasteful, disrespectful, self-righteous, and judgmental but allowed. Read more »



A Hamantashen is a three-cornered pastry pocket stuffed with a sweet filling.  Soft and chewy, Hamantashen is similar to a cookie and typically eaten during Purim – a holiday in which the Jews celebrate being saved from persecution in ancient Persia. Purim is usually celebrated in March (as determined by the Hebrew calendar) but through the years, Hamantashen has become very popular so the cookie is often served year-round and consumed by both Jews and non-Jews alike. Read more »


Jade Pearl Rice

Jade Pearl Rice is the trademarked name for an organic pearled short-grain rice infused with a bamboo extract. Grown in the forests of South Central Chin, Jade Pearl Rice has a pale jade color, an aroma of a bamboo forest, and a very faint vanilla taste.

Moist and delicious, Jade Pearl Rice by Lotus Foods cooks in less than 20 minutes and makes an especially pretty presentation on the table. Although the rice is touted as the perfect rice for a dessert pudding (and it is ideal for rice pudding), Jade Pearl Rice is also excellent as part of a main course for lunch or dinner. Read more »


Move Over Nutella, Make Room for Barefoot and Chocolate!

Fifty years ago, an Italian company (Ferrero) introduced Nutella, the brand name of a hazelnut chocolate spread whose two main ingredients are sugar and palm oil.  For decades, there were few choices in the chocolate nut butter market until Barefoot and Chocolate came along in 2013 and created a Hazelnut Chocolate Spread that still relies on sugar (albeit, organic and fair-trade certified) but uses a heavier hand when it comes to hazelnuts and cocoa, the two main flavor ingredients that give Barefoot and Chocolate’s Hazelnut Chocolate Spread its rich, satisfying taste. Read more »


“The House of Muldoon”

There’s a mouse in the house……

Have you ever wondered why preschoolers love to hear the same story over and over and over again? Some experts say it’s because youngsters feel a sense of comfort with familiarity and predictability or because they want to repeat the sense of joy experienced when the book was first read. Whatever the reason, most authors of children’s books know that simple words, rhyming verse, and humor appeal to children. Add a cute furry animal with a bold personality, a little girl named Gretchen, her brother, Bob, a dog named Ned, two cats, and a bunny and you have The House of Muldoon – a children’s book that preschoolers will adore and want to hear again and again. Read more »


Our Daily Eats Granola

Our Daily Eats Granola is unlike any granola you’ve ever had with a complexity of flavors that makes breakfast a meal to look forward to. Made with extra virgin olive oil and maple syrup, the granola is packed with oats, nuts, and seeds, depending on the variety. But, what makes Our Daily Eats Granola different from other brands is the addition of wholesome and natural ingredients that add bursts of flavor: orange and lemon peel, raspberries, coconut, unsulfured dried fruit, cinnamon, honey, brown sugar, sea salt, and green tea.  Read more »