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Roots Market: Maryland’s Organic Gem

Roots Market is Maryland’s premier natural and organic food grocer. With a passion for the food we eat, the people they serve, and the planet we share, Roots Markets are full-service grocery stores focused on the customer.

Independently owned and operated, Roots Market has two locations in Maryland: Clarksville, (very close to Columbia, 25 miles northeast of Washington, DC and 25 miles southwest of Baltimore) and Olney (just east of Gaithersburg and 20 miles north of Washington, DC). Similar to Whole Foods Market in many ways, Roots Market distinguishes itself as a full-service grocer that caters to the food enthusiast, and especially vegetarians and vegans.

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The Baobab

Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it.                                                  ~Akan Proverb

The word “superfruit” has been thrown around a lot to describe the nutritional strengths of various fruits: blueberries, acaí berries, avocados, bananas, blackberries and more, but there is one superfruit that most people outside of Africa haven’t heard of:  the Baobab,  one of the most nutrient rich fruits on the planet. Read more »


Idaho Snowberry Honey

Marvel at the beauty and simplicity of nature’s perfect sweet. Honey really is one of nature’s miracles transforming nature’s nectar and flower dust into liquid gold.

Honeybees are the original locavores and artisan producers of food that bears the imprint of where the honey is made with the not so subtle nuances of flavor, sweetness, color and consistency revealed in each batch. Whether the bees gathered the nectar and pollen from the blossoms on the Tupelo trees in Florida or the blossoms from the Snowberry bush in Idaho, each honey bears the  unmistakable imprint of where it was made. Hence, the types of honey often reflect the source of the nectar and pollen be it wildflower, lavender, clover, citrus orange blossom, or the Idaho Snowberry.  Read more »



Most fruit leathers are made from fruit puree concentrate (usually apple) combined with juice concentrate but not Veggie-Go’s by Naked Edge Snacks of Boulder, Colorado. Made with whole organic fruits and vegetables, spices, and organic flax seeds, Veggie-Go’s are delicious snack leathers with no added sugar and only 2-4 grams of naturally occurring sugar in each serving (most fruit leathers have 8-12 grams of sugar per serving). Gluten-free, non-GMO verified, kosher, vegetarian, and vegan, Veggie-Go’s are a delicious snack for both kids and adults. Read more »


“Tongues of Flame”

And suddenly the whole Pandora’s box of race, with all the unconscious, unintended, even unrecognized withholdings of respect, status, privilege, even rights we never thought about, much less understood at the time, embedded as they were in custom and usage, would open up to silence us completely.

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Flax Granola by CCB and G

Flax Granola by Columbia County Bread and Granola (CCB and G) wins the prize for the most unique and forward thinking granola on the market by making a line of granola without added oils and challenging the traditional recipe for granola that calls for oats as a base.  Instead, the company relies on flax seeds, baking them slowly at a low temperature to preserve the integrity of flax’s rich omega 3 fatty acids and to provide the crunchy texture granola fans have come to expect. But that’s not all. The company uses spices including nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves to give the granola a slightly sweet yet savory flavor.

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