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Healthier Choices on the Road

Traveling across the United States on major highways can be difficult. Road conditions and traffic are often challenging and unpredictable while the dining options leave a lot to be desired, especially if healthier fare is the goal but times are a changin’.  Instead of McDonald’s, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chick-fil-A, Dunkin Donuts, or Taco Bell, consider the following options for a healthier alternative when a Clif Bar just isn’t going to suffice for another meal: Read more »


When in Philly, Go To Vedge

On a beautiful street lined with 4-story brick brownstones in downtown Philadelphia is one of the best restaurants in the city, if not the state or for that matter, the eastern seaboard. That the restaurant only serves vegan food is all the more surprising because fans of Vedge are an eclectic group of eaters:  carnivores, paleos, vegetarians, vegans, and more.  The common denominator is the shared passion for incredibly great tasting food which is what Vedge delivers consistently. Read more »


Vegetarian/Vegan Dining in Des Moines, Iowa

Vegetarian and vegan dining options in the Des Moines metropolitan area have greatly expanded in the past few years and now include several choices for those looking for fresh, organic, or just plain delicious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Surrounded by farms in every direction, Des Moines is a casual city where the restaurant scene is best described as easy-going and informal so whether you’re looking for a coffee bar, cafe, fast food, or a white table clothed restaurant, Des Moines offers a wide variety of choices. Within these establishments, the emphasis is on fresh, delicious wholesome food – much of it local – so consider any of the following (in no particular order): Read more »


Top Ten Vegetarian/Vegan Dining Options in the Palm Beaches

Dining out in the Palm Beaches (which is loosely defined as West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens) includes many options for vegetarians and vegans with a wide range of choices: the hole-in-the-wall takeout joint, the casual cafe, the neighborhood eatery and the sit-down white table-clothed restaurant. So, if you’re looking for fresh, organic or just plain delicious food in the Palm Beach area, consider any of the following (in no particular order): Read more »


Christopher’s Kitchen

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is known for sunshine, beaches, golf courses, and Christopher’s Kitchen (“CK”) – a restaurant, juice bar, and market offering the highest quality certified organic plant-based food. Christopher Slawson is the culinary genius behind the CK brand and the bold flavors of the soups, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, noodle and grain bowls, pasta dishes, rolls, pizzas, desserts, juices, and more. That an organic plant-based chef has the word “slaw” in his name is a metaphoric coincidence. Read more »


Ladurée in Soho

Most people go to Ladurée for the macarons – sweet, meringue-based confections – but the restaurant/tea room has always been the draw for me. Located throughout Paris, the restaurant/tea rooms (as illustrated below) are the perfect place for lunch or a late afternoon pick-me-up but since I don’t live in Paris, my visits have been limited…until recently.

Two years ago, Ladurée opened its first US retail store on Madison Avenue in New York (they’ve since opened up another storefront in Miami Beach) but the long-awaited Ladurée restaurant and tea room (illustrated above) just opened this past February in Soho, and looks like the Parisian salon was moved over from Paris.

Read more »



In the vast landscape of fast foods, Freshii has emerged as one of the newest and fastest growing chains offering fresh, affordable, and great tasting food quickly.  A restaurant known for its farm fresh ingredients and eco-friendly practices (i.e. real bowls when eating in), Freshii aims to provide nutritious meal choices to energize busy people. Take out or eat in at a table in the bright airy space decorated with a “Table of Food Elements” on the wall prominently displaying all the ingredients Freshii has to offer. Read more »


Five Specialty Food Stores to Visit

Whenever I travel, I make a point of finding and visiting specialty food stores, farmer’s markets, or independent grocery stores because these stores carry regional and high quality food products that are otherwise unavailable locally. Usually in a downtown area and typically limited to medium to large-sized cities, specialty food stores are like good bookstores: a relaxing place to spend a few hours and take away a special something to enjoy later. The following specialty food stores are worth visiting: Read more »


Dark Chocolate Covered Dried Mangos

One of our favorite places to eat lunch or dinner in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is Christopher’s Kitchen – a   restaurant whose mission is to serve high quality, organic plant-based food. Fresh squeezed raw cold-pressed juices, nut milks, salads, veggie burgers, rustic pizzas, tacos, burritos, bowls, noodles and more are served at this casual, light-filled restaurant.

Christopher’s Kitchen also offers a wide variety of homemade desserts including dark chocolate covered mango, which is decadent and delicious: chewy, dried mango slices covered in rich dark chocolate. At $4 an ounce (or $64 per pound), the dark chocolate covered mangos at Christopher’s Kitchen are expensive so I decided to make this treat myself – a super, easy task that brings the cost down to about $11 a pound using premium dark chocolate and dried mangos). Read more »


Going to Boston? Go to Veggie Galaxy!

What is it that makes a diner a diner? Is it the feisty, but warm waitresses, quick with a cup of coffee and assumed familiarity? Is it the curved ceiling, the tiled floors, the classic stainless steel exterior? The cozy booths, the counter with stools that puts you right near the action at the grill? The reassuringly familiar menu? Breakfast-all-day? The wide range of customers, who mirror the diversity of America itself?    Adam, Founder of Veggie Galaxy Read more »