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The Changing Role of Motherhood: Life With a Teenage Daughter

My 15-year old daughter recently asked me if I missed the old days when she was little and although my brain was screaming “YES, YES, YES, ” I calmly admitted to sometimes missing those days we spent together running errands, seeing Disney on Ice, having lunch together, and reading a book before bedtime (6:30 pm back then). Right now I would go so far as to admit that I would welcome seeing “Barney’s Big Adventure” again (and I’ve seen it at least four times and each time was more painful than the previous). Read more »


Gold’n Krackle

Years ago, I would drive to a hole in the wall place called the Middle East Bakery and Grocery Store on Fifth Street in downtown West Palm Beach to buy Gold’n Krackle – crispy flatbread that looked like whole and broken pieces of pita bread that had been baked to a crunchy cracker texture. Gold’n Krackle is made in seven flavors: Read more »


Hartford, Connecticut With Kids

Navigating and figuring out how to entertain kids in a city is always a challenge.  Harford, Connecticut has five great places to take kids:

  • The Connecticut Science Center
  • Mark Twain House and Museum
  • The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum
  • Bushnell Performing Arts Center
  • XL Center Read more »

Holiday Mail Order Sweets

There are certain foods – usually sweets – that we buy or receive once a year around the holidays that lend nostalgia to the season (and a few inches to the waistline).  In our home, we usually kick off the season in mid-November with the purchase of a sweet Italian cake called Pandoro that my daughter sprinkles confectionary sugar over. Read more »


Special Places in Switzerland: Bonmont in Cheserex

There are several well-known cities in Switzerland but there are also many small towns off the beaten path that offer a retreat from traffic, shopping, and noise.  The Chateau de Bonmont in Cheserex is one of those places. Located about 20 minutes north of Geneva, the Chateau de Bonmont is also known as the “Golf and Country Club Bonmont”  or simply the “Golf Hotel Bonmont” because this place is both a club and hotel – but guests do not have to be a member of the club to stay at the hotel. Read more »

Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain

Ciudad Rodrigo is one of my favorite places in Spain because the old part of the town is a fortified walled city with an amazing cathedral and parador that possess a charm that has not been ruined by tourism and t-shirt shops.  Located on the central western border of Spain and Portugal, most people bypass this area in favor of the more popular destinations in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo, Sevilla, San Sebastian, the sunny beaches and islands of southern Spain, and the Basque country. But, if you want a quiet, relaxing weekend in a historical Spanish town off the beaten path, make plans to visit Ciudad Rodrigo. Read more »

Roasted Autumn Vegetables

There seems to be a lot of chatter about root vegetables in the Autumn and there is no better selection than this time of year.  Root vegetables are not the most colorful or attractive items in the produce section (and actually, some root vegetables are quite ugly) but if you take the time to peel, slice, and mix them with some old standbys (carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, and leeks), add some olive oil and seasoning, a delicious side dish emerges. Read more »

The Apple of Our Eye….Steve Jobs

“Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson was recently published and is a must read for anyone interested in Apple and the technology industry.  The publication of a biography just a few weeks after the death of the star is usually a red flag:  how could anyone put together a biography and have it published within days of the memorial service? It almost reeks of sensationalism but this book was not whipped up overnight. Read more »

Microsoft and Apple….The USA and Switzerland

Microsoft and Apple remind me of the United States and Switzerland. Each has their place front and center in the world market yet no two modern companies or countries could be more different in how they operate and what they produce. All four entities tend to evoke strong opinions among admirers and detractors. Read more »

Top Ten List for Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Beach, Florida is a 16 mile long barrier island just a few miles east of the Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, Florida.  In planning a visit, consider the following recommendations: Read more »