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Schermer Pecans

Some of the best tasting pecans in the world are grown in the south central orchards of North America where the hot and humid climate allows pecan trees to grow and bear the rich, buttery nut meats year after year. At Schermer Pecans in Glennville, Georgia (60 miles west of Savannah), the pecans have been grown and harvested by five generations of the Schermer and Wetherbee families since 1946.

Schermer Pecans are what some people would call a fully vertically integrated company: they plant, tend, harvest, shell, package, and distribute their own pecan products, which allows the customer to receive a fresh, high quality product directly from a Georgian orchard. Read more »


PowerBlend Omega 3 Seed Blends

When a well-educated professional pilot needed food with serious nutritional density to carry her through the fatigue of flying cross country and didn’t find it in the airports, food courts, or restaurants, Anne-elise Stern decided to create her own. Learning about the abundant nutrients in seeds, Stern started experimenting and came up with the Original PowerBlend Omega 3 Seed Blend: a combination of hemp, chia, pumpkin and flax combined with spices. Read more »


“My Struggle: Book 1”

My father was an idiot, I wanted nothing to do with him, and it cost me nothing to keep well away from him. It wasn’t a question of keeping away from something, it was a question of the something not existing; nothing about him touched me. That was how it had been, but then I had sat down to write, and the tears poured forth.

In Norway, revealing personal information and family secrets is considered shameful so when Karl Ove Knausgaard, the award-winning, best-selling author wrote a 6 volume autobiographical account of his life, the public took notice, read the critics’ reviews but ultimately decided to buy the books. Read more »


Napa Cakes Panforte

The original power bar dates back to the Romans when the Italians combined fruits and nuts to make a moist, dense round cake called Panforte which literally means “strong cake” owing to the slightly spicy flavor. Some people would call Panforte a fruitcake but with the negative connotation that fruitcake conjures up – especially among young people – classifying this Italian creation with the often ridiculed candied fruit concoction does not do this cake justice. A slice of Panforte is truly heavenly owing to the concentration of dried fruit, nuts, honey, and spices. Read more »


Gina and May Umbrellas

Gina & May makes an eye-catching collection of durable, striking, and stylish umbrellas that have been known to cause people to croon “I’m Singin’ in the Rain” while splashing through puddles. Graphic shapes of vibrant color – red, blue, green, fuchsia, tangerine, black, white and charcoal – are displayed on a nylon, non-fade fabric with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) protection of 25.

Spanning nearly 40 inches across, the fabric is fitted with a high quality windproof mechanism to minimize pressure on the frame, allowing the umbrella to easily flip back into place should the wind turn it out. The frame is made of fiberglass and aluminum with plastic fittings which make a Gina & May umbrella one sturdy and durable parasol. The simple yet bold look of these umbrellas can make the most miserable day a bit brighter…and drier. Read more »


Bobbysue’s Nuts

Bobbysue Kobren has been making her family’s fantastic, generations-old recipe for spiced nuts  – crunchy almonds, cashews, and pecans coated with a delicate meringue, and lightly roasted with a bit of sugar, and a special blend of spices – for years but waited until 2008 to follow her entrepreneurial spirit by opening Bobbysue’s Nuts in Chappaqua, New York. Savory, slightly sweet (but not too sweet), Bobbysue’s Nuts are addicting: it’s impossible to open a jar and eat just a few nuts because one taste of these scrumptious nuts leaves you wanting more…and more….and more. Read more »


“The Little Friend”

…it was Christmas, there was a new baby in the house, everybody was happy and thought they would be happy forever.

Harriet Cleve Dufresnes had just entered the world as the third child of Charlotte and Dixon Cleve. Four months later, while baby Harriett was strapped in her swing on the front porch with her 4-year old sister, Allison playing nearby, 9-year old Robin was found hung from the tupelo tree in the front yard while the rest of the family was in the house setting up the table for a Mother’s Day celebration.  No one saw or heard a thing. Read more »


Kee’s Chocolates

A visit to Kee’s Chocolates of New York City should be on every passionate chocolate lover’s bucket list. Named for the master chocolatier – Kee Ling Tong – who opened her flagship store in Soho twelve years ago, Kee’s Chocolates are the kind of chocolates that make you step back and think you’ve entered a sublime universe where nothing matters but chocolate and getting more of it because each perfectly hand-made bonbon is rich, decadent and unquestionably exceptional. Read more »


The Ice Cream Cone Dilemma

Where I grew up in northern New Jersey, there were two places to go for ice cream: Dairy Queen and Van Dyke’s Ice Cream. Dairy Queen, the local standby was the default choice when we wanted soft serve ice cream after dinner but on weekends or summer afternoons, we would ride our bikes to Van Dyke’s in Ridgewood for rich, creamy, locally made ice cream.

Scooped by hand into impossibly big round balls, the ice cream would be placed on top of a cake or sugar cone. The star of the show was the ice cream – summer cantaloupe, deep chocolate, minty chocolate chip – but the cone was best supporting actor. Within minutes, the ice cream was melting down the sides of the cone and we would be frantically licking the drips to keep the sweet cream from spilling all over our hands. The best bite was the last one: the semi-soft tip at the bottom of the cone – part melted ice cream and part crispy sugar cone and total bliss. Read more »


Flying Saucer White Nectarines

Bite into a Flying Saucer White Nectarine and taste the sweet and juicy “out of this world” flavor of a very special nectarine. Named for its flat shape – similar to the donut peach – the Flying Saucer White Nectarine was developed by the Zaiger Family in Modesto, California. Flying Saucers are now grown by Kingsburg Orchards, a family-owned grower, packer, and shipper in Central California’s San Joaquin Valley who also gave this unique variety of nectarine its well-suited name.”

Read more »