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June 30, 2014

Schermer Pecans

by Anne Paddock

Some of the best tasting pecans in the world are grown in the south central orchards of North America where the hot and humid climate allows pecan trees to grow and bear the rich, buttery nut meats year after year. At Schermer Pecans in Glennville, Georgia (60 miles west of Savannah), the pecans have been grown and harvested by five generations of the Schermer and Wetherbee families since 1946.

Schermer Pecans are what some people would call a fully vertically integrated company: they plant, tend, harvest, shell, package, and distribute their own pecan products, which allows the customer to receive a fresh, high quality product directly from a Georgian orchard.

180644_144363315623363_1428754_nSchermer Pecans features a wide range of products that range from the simplicity of fresh natural pecan halves to hand-made pecan treats:

18119_441919419201083_1001770914_nNatural Pecans: Fancy Mammoth Halves, large halves or large, medium or small pieces. Perfect for snacking or baking, these pecans are rich and meaty and why Georgian pecans are so treasured.

993451_614158555310501_372753302_nRoasted Pecans: Fresh shelled, hand-selected pecans are roasted and lightly salted. Perfect for snacking, these crunchy pecan halves are what make Georgian pecans a family favorite.

Elliott Pecans: A very high-quality pecan known for its robust sweet flavor and crunchy texture. Available in limited quantities of fresh shelled halves or roasted and salted halves.The top of the line and the ones you want to hide from your kids so you don’t have to share.

1512411_694474180612271_6173343398720801360_nCinnamon Glazed Pecans: Fancy Mammoth Pecan Halves roasted with a hint of salt and then lightly coated with a sugar glaze and then hand-tossed in the company’s proprietary blend of cinnamon and sugar. Sweet and crunchy, these nuts make a great snack.

Glazed Pecans: Fancy Mammoth Pecans roasted with a hint of salt and then lightly coated with a sugar glaze. Salty and sweet, these glazed pecans are the best of both worlds.

303472_345030565556636_281129610_nDark Chocolate Pecans: Fancy Mammoth Pecan Halves are roasted with a hint of salt and enrobed in dark chocolate. Dark chocolate makes everything better in my book. Need I say more?

Chocolate Pecans: Fancy Mammoth Pecan Halves are roasted with a hint of salt and enrobed in milk chocolate. For those who prefer milk chocolate, these will be a favorite sweet nutty treat.

Caramel Pecan Clusters: Pecan pieces roasted with a hint of salt, coated in hand-pulled caramel, and covered in the company’s premium milk chocolate. Crunchy, chewy, and sweet, the caramel pecan clusters should be the official Georgia State Candy, according to some fans.

10305184_690665894326433_8520910237536065187_nTo purchase Schermer Pecans on-line, go to the company’s website: The pecans are packaged in a variety of ways including the basic 16-ounce bag (2 16-ounce bags of pecan halves for $33 or 6 16-0unce bags for $68 or $11.33 per bag) to sealed 10-ounce plastic bags covered in a signature burlap bag (2 10-ounce for $35) to large quantities (12 16-ounce bags of Mammoth Pecan Halves for $189 or $15.75 per 16 ounce bag), shipping included. See the website from the complete product line.

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