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Marriage and The Stupid Man Card

Every time my husband yells a few choice words from the kitchen, I can pretty much guess he opened our high-tech dishwasher in the middle of the cleaning cycle causing hot water to spurt out like a fountain all over him and the floor. Predictable, yes because he does this relatively often claiming he didn’t know the dishwasher was on. I tell him he has to listen and he says “men don’t listen.” This week, I told him he isn’t allowed to pull the “stupid man card” in 2015. For those of you who don’t know what the “stupid man card” is, allow me to briefly explain. Read more »


Roots and Branches Artisan Crackers

Simple, pure & delicious….

Three crackers ruled the grocery aisle in the 1960’s and early 1970’s: the Saltine, the Triscuit, and the Ritz. In the mid-1970’s, the Wheat Thin burst onto the market (how could we forget those Sandy Duncan commercials?) and forever changed the cracker industry. All of a sudden, crackers had savory flavors and boasted of fiber content with unrecognizable ingredients and loads of sodium.  But, crackers – like most things – have come full circle with the reemergence of simple crackers made with wholesome ingredients that most of us have in our pantry. Read more »


Domori Javablond Chocolate

Domori is an Italian chocolate company founded in 1997 by Gianluca Franzoni after a trip to Venezuela where he lived for three years working with the Criollo bean – the rarest and finest cocoa bean in the world. Read more »


The Christmas Tree Trucks

Highway 163 is a 4-lane highway that runs approximately 60 miles from the west side of Des Moines east to Oskaloosa. A heavily traveled road, Highway 163 doesn’t look like a conventional highway with big green signs announcing well-marked exits. Instead, Highway 163 has thoroughfares (both paved and dirt) that link directly to the highway allowing drivers to enter and exit onto roads that surround crop farms and those that raise livestock – particularly cattle, hogs, chickens, and turkeys. Read more »


Top Ten Vegetarian/Vegan Dining Options in the Palm Beaches

Dining out in the Palm Beaches (which is loosely defined as West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens) includes many options for vegetarians and vegans with a wide range of choices: the hole-in-the-wall takeout joint, the casual cafe, the neighborhood eatery and the sit-down white table-clothed restaurant. So, if you’re looking for fresh, organic or just plain delicious food in the Palm Beach area, consider any of the following (in no particular order): Read more »


Awesome Bars

You can’t fake awesome.                                                                                                       ~Awesome Bars

If you happen to look up the word “awesome” in the dictionary, the definition will be “something that inspires awe, wonder, or excitement” so it seems especially appropriate that a company who makes granola bars that cause some very serious excitement, call themselves and their products “Awesome Bars.” Read more »


Seely Candy Canes

We elves stick to the main four food groups: big candy canes, little candy canes, broken candy canes, and crushed candy canes.                                                   ~An enlightened elf

For an authentic candy cane experience, wrap your fingers around a Seely Peppermint Candy Cane: a handcrafted  individually pulled, twisted, and crooked treat made with pure Oregon peppermint oil from the peppermint plants grown on Seely’s Family Farm along with  cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, cream of tartar, and natural plant-based color. Read more »



The perfect gift – peace of mind.

Throughout the year I am always on the outlook for small stocking stuffers that are useful.  My top choice this year:  the Resqme – an escape tool designed to be a window breaker and seat belt cutter in an emergency or vehicle entrapment. Although the chances of being in an accident are low (a driver can expect to be in one accident every 15-20 years, depending on the insurance company), most drivers can expect to be in 2-3 accidents over their lifetime which could involve water, fire, and entrapment – all the more reason to be prepared. Read more »


Peppermint Chocolate Bars

During the holidays, chocolate and peppermint sweets are abundantly popular because the cool flavor of peppermint combined with chocolate is hard to beat. A classic holiday combination of crushed candy canes blended with rich dark chocolate makes for a winning combination but if the candy canes happen to be organic and the chocolate happens to be made by Videri then you’re in for a very special treat. Read more »


Peppermint Bark by EH Chocolatier

Peppermint bark is one of the most coveted chocolate confections during the holiday season. Typically made with three ingredients: peppermint candy, white chocolate, and dark chocolate, peppermint bark is the rare treat that combines the crunchy texture of candy canes, the milky flavor of white chocolate, and the rich taste of dark chocolate. Read more »