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December 27, 2014

Domori Javablond Chocolate

by Anne Paddock

Domori is an Italian chocolate company founded in 1997 by Gianluca Franzoni after a trip to Venezuela where he lived for three years working with the Criollo bean – the rarest and finest cocoa bean in the world.

Since then, Domori has invested in a large plantation in Venezuela (Hacienda San José) where the Turin-based company obtains most of its Criollo cocoa beans to produce some of the finest chocolate in the world. Domori also obtains Criollo beans from Java in eastern Indonesia which they use to make a chocolate bar called Javablond, a 70% dark chocolate bar made of two ingredients: Cocoa nibs and cane sugar.

Domori JavablondWhat separates Domori Javablond from other 70% chocolate bars is its flavor and texture. Silky smooth, Javablond tastes like rich dark chocolate that has been grown in fields of berries in dark soil. There is a slight earthy and fruity flavor to the chocolate adding to the intensity of the bar. And, yet the bar is almost creamy with not the slightest bitterness.Domori Javablond

The Domori Javablond chocolate bar comes in two sizes: a 25 gram (nearly an ounce) bar that sells for about $6 and small tasting bars (4.7 grams) that are sold by the kilo (2.2 pounds or approximately 210 bars) for about $110 or in a pack of 50 for $32. Expensive, yes but worth the cost because the Criollo bean makes one scrumptious chocolate bar.

To order on-line, go to To read more about Domori Javablond and chocolate made by the company (including 7 other types of bars made from Criollo beans), go to the Domori website:



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