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The French Valentine’s Day Cookie

If cookies be the food of love…munch on.                                                                           ~Dame Judi Dench

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so if you need a gift for that special someone who loves exquisite butter cookies, Poilâne – the famous Parisian bakery known for their sourdough bread, apple tarts, and butter cookies – has the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift box containing 54-56 heart-shaped butter cookies weighing 270 grams (about 10 ounces) for 22.50€ ($25.67). So simple and yet so delicious, these French butter cookies are rich, crunchy and  perfect as a snack with a cup of tea or coffee. Read more »


The Staff of Life: Poiláne

Everyone knows to visit the Louvre when in Paris, but not everyone knows to visit “Poiláne,” one of the oldest bread makers in the City of Light  for a taste of what real bread should taste like. My friend, Nancy told me I needed to visit this bakery so on a beautiful sunny 70 degree day in Paris, I set off on foot for the Left Bank with plans to enjoy a bread – the French sourdough loaf – that’s been made the same way for hundreds of years. Read more »


The Repetto Ballet Flat

The Repetto ballet flat is one of the very few fashion purchases that look as good today as they did 50 years ago . Always in style, the ballet flat is often the perfect choice to wear with a skirt, shorts, capris, a dress or pants when simplicity and comfort are paramount.. The ballet flat has the distinguishing characteristic of being both casual and elegant while most shoes are unable to transcend one category. Read more »


Ladurée in Paris

Most people go to Ladurée for the fresh macarons: a sweet meringue based confection filled with a ganache or buttercream. Crunchy on the outside, moist and soft on the inside, the classic small round macaron originated in France. Ladurée has been making macarons since 1862 and is the most well-known brand in the world, if not the most elegant. With more than 20 flavors offered in the most beautiful ribbon covered pastel boxes ever made, Ladurée macarons can make you feel like Marie-Antionette at Versailles. Read more »


Jour Naked in Paris

Only the French could name a chain of restaurants “Naked Day” and get away with it. “Jour Naked” is a relatively new type of fast food in Paris that is sure to expand in popularity with tourists and locals who welcome the opportunity to choose the ingredients of their meal.  While strolling the avenues of Paris this week, I discovered this treasure of a restaurant that specializes in fresh hand-tossed salads. “Jour Naked” does to salad what “Pinkberry” does to frozen yogurt:  they take a good basic product and offer quality toppings to make it a real treat. Read more »


“To End All Wars”

I don’t often read historical books on wars because even after 50 years on this earth, I still don’t really understand the aggression and find the detail on battles and strategic moves boring. But after reading the reviews of “To End All Wars” by Adam Hochschild, I thought the book worthy of reading. Read more »

Don’t Ask for Ketchup in Paris

My husband – carnivore man – and I were walking through the streets of Paris one afternoon and came upon the Paris Opera House which is more formally known as the Palais Garnier.  The Paris Opera House was built in the mid-1800’s and was the primary home of the Paris Opera for more than 100 years.  A large rectangular shaped building enveloped by a diamond-shaped parcel of land with the streets (rues)  forming the borders, the Paris Opera House is an impressive building. Read more »


A Day in Le Mont Saint-Michel, France

Le Mont Saint-Michel  or more casually known as Mont St. Michel is probably one of the most photographed sites in France (after the Eiffel Tower). I was there in 1977 and remember being taken aback by the site of the towering island in the distance, charmed by the narrow stone streets for pedestrians only, and being served a huge omelet for lunch, which is what the town is also famous far. Flash forward 34 years and not much has changed. Read more »


A Day in Bayeux, France

Bayeux, France is a small city with about 14,000 residents, 30 kilometers from Caen and 10 kilometers from the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial (Cimetiere USA). The town is charming on foot but some of that charm is lost if you’re in a car trying to maneuver through narrow one way streets that seem to keep you going in circles. Best to follow signs to the center of town, park and explore the town on foot.  There are two sites to see in Bayeux:
  1. The Cathedrale Notre-Dame of Bayeux
  2. The Bayeux Tapestry Read more »

A Day in Normandy, France

In 1977 I went on a high school trip to France, Belgium and Holland – a whirlwind trip over 10 days that included a visit to the west coast of France although and I was unable to see Normandy because I was sick and left at the hotel to convalesce that day.  I always regretted not being able to go so when my husband and I decided to explore the west side of France, Normandy was on our schedule. Read more »