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10 Gifts for the Busy Mom

I hear you. Raising kids and running a house keep me busy, too.  I also have this little gig on the side called a full time job.

Finding just the right gift for the busy mom can be a challenge. Most moms usually have three things on their minds –  family, work, and dinner – so the idea is how to make these three super important parts of her life easier and a bit more relaxing.  With that in mind, here are ten gift ideas for the busy mom who doesn’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done: Read more »


The Whirley Pop

Hot, fresh popcorn is best made the old-fashioned way:  on the stove in a hand-cranked pot designed to turn crunchy corn kernels into one of America’s favorite snacks. In less than 3 minutes, 1/2 cup of corn kernels (or 2/3 cup of tiny kernels) can be turned into 6 quarts of hot, fresh popcorn with the Stainless Steel Whirley Pop:  a durable pan and lid with a patented “crank and stir” mechanism that continuously moves the popcorn around, evenly distributing the oil (1-2 tablespoons per 1/2 cup of kernels, depending on the brand) while preventing the popcorn from burning. Read more »


The Makers Apron

Most people don’t get too excited about aprons but I do because an apron not only protects clothes but also helps keep things – measuring spoons, spatulas, a tissue, or scissors – close at hand.

Years ago I read a cookbook (Vegan Chocolate by Fran Costigan) that gave me some invaluable advice:  gather all your ingredients on the countertop before starting a recipe. The second great piece of advice that I had to learn through trial and error was to always use an apron that is functional and fashionable. Although the second aspect is arguably trivial, there’s no doubt a fantastic piece of clothing makes us feel happy and that’s what a Maker’s Apron does. Read more »


Whose Your Daddio?

If aluminum is good then anodized aluminum is perfection.

Natural aluminum bakeware has been the standard for commercial bakeries for decades because of its strength and durability. By reflecting heat rather than absorbing heat, aluminum reaches baking temperatures faster and cools quicker (dark steel or heavy weight metal bakeware retains heat and continues baking long after the pan has been removed from the oven). However, aluminum is porous and will absorb fats, sugar, oil, dish soap, and detergents. The solution? Anodized aluminum. Read more »


Artifact Bag Company Aprons

Most aprons are stylish or cute but don’t provide the four practical attributes a baker really needs: fit, coverage, a few pockets, and durability. Artifact Bag Company of Omaha, Nebraska hand makes a heavy-duty apron that meets all those criteria and is nice on the eyes. Read more »


Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Baker

Baking is a passion and since Valentine’s Day is all about love, enthusiasm, and devotion, why not consider a gift this year that expresses the same sentiment but in a different way to those who rely on the oven to work their magic?  Bakers put a lot of effort into having the right tools, bowls, pans, and appliances to bring their creations to fruition but with the constant introduction of new products, there’s always something a baker needs (as opposed to wants), including: Read more »


The Piebox

Transporting a pie is never an easy task, especially if the pie is deep dish, warm or topped with chiffon. Cardboard boxes are flimsy, Tupperware containers seem to be better at storing a pie, and baskets are just impractical (as cute as they look).

Professionally trained pastry chef, Adrienne Blumthal along with co-founders Carol Blumthal and Steve Metzer solved the problem by creating the Piebox: a reusable wooden pie carrier that will keep your pie safe and intact whether you’re walking, driving, biking, or even flying (yes, TSA rules allow you to carry pies and cakes through the security checkpoint: TSA Traveling with Food or Gifts). Read more »


The Victorio Apple Peeler

Bushels of apples are being delivered to farmers markets and grocery stores across the country as we settle into Autumn so there is no better time to start planning what to do with all those apples. Enjoying them freshly picked is always a good option but if your Fall menu includes apple pie, apple dumplings, applesauce, dehydrated apple slices or an exquisite tarte tartin (for the super adventurous), peeling, coring and slicing apples will be on your to-do list. A paring knife or vegetable peeler does the job but a better tool is the Victorio Apple Peeler: a machine that peels, cores, and slices apples easier, quicker and with less waste. Read more »


The Ultimate Bread Box

In many homes, counter space in the kitchen is as closely allocated as rent-controlled apartments are in New York City. Once an appliance or piece of equipment earns its place, rarely is that space given up except if something better comes along.

In kitchen real estate, the bread box is an old-fashioned metal or wood container that used to be in nearly every home keeping bread fresh and crackers crisp. In recent years, its popularity has diminished primarily because most breads and crackers come in resealable bags but with the resurgence of homemade bread or bakery bought loaves, the bread box is making a comeback. Read more »


OXO Pop Containers

One of my dreams is to design my own house with five rooms on the first floor: a mud room with a dog bath/shower, a laundry room, a massive kitchen with a casual dining area connected to a family room, and a walk-in pantry with adjustable shelves lined with nearly everything a cook or baker needs to make scrumptious meals.

The pantry of my dreams will have a section for flours, sugars, beans, rice, pasta, grains, snacks, cereals, jams, sauces, chocolate, nuts, dried fruits, baking and cooking supplies – all  organized for easy access.  Until then, I’ve focused on organizing my limited cabinet space to maximize every square inch by using OXO Pop Containers: BPA-free containers made of clear heavy-duty plastic that are airtight, stackable, and space efficient. Read more »