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September 24, 2019

The Best Lemon Squeezer

by Anne Paddock

Squeezing the juice of a lemon (or lime) over a salad or dish is easy if the task is done in the kitchen with a traditional citrus squeezer that holds 1/2 of a lemon or lime. But, what if you’re serving a dish and want to give your family or guests the option to squeeze fresh lemon or lime juice over their food (or tea) without getting the juice all over their hands and/or clothing?  Then, you need to get the Press Art Lemon Squeezer: a handy little gadget made in France of Eastman Triton – a super strong BPA-free material  – that squeezes the juice out of a lemon or lime slice without splashing or making a mess.

The first time I used a Press Art Lemon Squeezer was in a restaurant in Madrid. A timbale of quinoa, avocado, and tomato was served along with the lemon squeezer. The server advised me to press my thumb down on the squeezer and drizzle the lemon juice over the timbale, which I did.  So easy. No mess, and the perfect amount of lemon juice  for  an  individual  serving.

So, when I returned to the US, I recreated the timbales (see above and below) found the lemon squeezers on Amazon and ordered them  (note:  no  matter  which  way  the  lemon  slice  is  placed  in  the  squeezer,  it  works).

The Press Art Lemon Squeezer is shaped like a bird so it looks attractive on the table.  Just place a small lemon slice in the squeezer and place one at each place setting. That’s it. Your guests will be intrigued and then impressed at how easy it is to squeeze a lemon slice without getting the juice all over their hands or clothes.

To purchase, go to Two squeezers are packaged in each box for about $23.

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