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Vegan Dining Options in Asheville, NC (Part 5)

Asheville has an abundance of dining options including speciality places where plant-based devotees can enjoy a melt-in-your-mouth doughnut or a creamy, rich chocolate truffle, a piece of moist dark chocolate cake, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, chocolate chip cookies, homemade pies, freshly made soft pretzels, and more. Scroll through these culinary destination hot spots and then make some plans to taste the flavors of Asheville. Read more »


Top Picks at Trader Joe’s

With more than 430 stores across the United States, Trader Joe’s offers a shopping experience that keeps customers loyal: great products at competitive prices. Most of the retailer’s packaged products are under their own private label although some well-known manufacturers (i.e. the French chocolatier Valrhona) are also available.

Smaller than the average grocery store (12,500 square feet compared to 50,000), Trader Joe’s has a limited selection but one that brings shoppers back time after time. Some of the best products available at Trader Joe’s include: Read more »


Des Moines’ Downtown Farmers’ Market

Many people start thinking about Farmers Markets during the early days of summer but Iowans living in the central part of the state have been patronizing the Des Moines Downtown Farmers Market since early May. They haven’t forgotten about meat and potatoes (the market has plenty of these items) but instead celebrate the fresh local harvest of  fruits and vegetables every Saturday from May thru October in the capital city on the west bank of the Des Moines River. Read more »


Roots Market: Maryland’s Organic Gem

Roots Market is Maryland’s premier natural and organic food grocer. With a passion for the food we eat, the people they serve, and the planet we share, Roots Markets are full-service grocery stores focused on the customer.

Independently owned and operated, Roots Market has two locations in Maryland: Clarksville, (very close to Columbia, 25 miles northeast of Washington, DC and 25 miles southwest of Baltimore) and Olney (just east of Gaithersburg and 20 miles north of Washington, DC). Similar to Whole Foods Market in many ways, Roots Market distinguishes itself as a full-service grocer that caters to the food enthusiast, and especially vegetarians and vegans.

Read more »


Five Specialty Food Stores to Visit

Whenever I travel, I make a point of finding and visiting specialty food stores, farmer’s markets, or independent grocery stores because these stores carry regional and high quality food products that are otherwise unavailable locally. Usually in a downtown area and typically limited to medium to large-sized cities, specialty food stores are like good bookstores: a relaxing place to spend a few hours and take away a special something to enjoy later. The following specialty food stores are worth visiting: Read more »


Going to Boston? Try Bob’s Italian Foods

Over the past several months, I have been taking my daughter to visit schools so she can figure out where she wants to attend college. After a few of these scouting trips, the college information sessions started to sound the same and although the campus tours were unique and offered a glimpse of student life, I learned to make the trips more interesting by finding great places to eat or markets in the towns we visit. On a recent road trip to Medford, Massachusetts (5 miles northwest of central Boston), I found a place called Bob’s Italian Foods that Zagat gave a resounding 26 out of 30 prompting me to plan a stop for lunch. Read more »


Getting To Know Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is famously known for bikes, breweries, and babes (not in that order) but after a recent visit, Portland seems to be about so much more including farmer’s markets, hazelnuts, apples, bakeries, books, and outdoor sports. A small city that people live and work in, Portland is not a landscape of skyscrapers but rather a city of interesting buildings, greenery, bridges, and roads that are easy to maneuver.

Explore the Farmer’s Market, take a bike tour, spend a few hours at the largest independent bookstore in the country (Powell’s), indulge in the many bakeries (20+), breweries (40+), chocolate shops (10+), restaurants (dozens), visit a museum (more than a dozen), and enjoy the parks and gardens. Read more »


Exploring Madison County, Iowa

Several years ago, Robert James Waller wrote a book called “The Bridges of Madison County” about an Iowa farm housewife who falls in love with a National Geographic photographer visiting Madison County, Iowa to photograph the beautiful covered bridges. The fictional story that seemed so possible put Iowa on the national map for something other than the Iowa Caucus and the Iowa State Fair (not that those events aren’t fun and entertaining, too). Read more »

Roasted Carrots and Potatoes

There are many delicious vegetables in the world but there is something special about carrots and a small potato called the “yukon gold”  which has only been around for about 30 years. The Crop Watch Potato Education Guide (yes, there really is such an entity) put out by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln reports the yukon gold is a result of cross breeding by scientists in Canada. Oval shaped and small, these potatoes with a yellow interior almost look like they have been buttered when in fact, the yellow tinge is the potato’s natural color.  Read more »


What To Do In Vevey, Switzerland

Vevey, Switzerland is a vibrant town on the north shores of Lake Geneva (Lake Leman) about 18 kilometers (11 miles) from Lausanne or 50 kilometers (32 miles) from Geneva. The town is most famous for being the home of Charlie Chaplin for the last 25 years of his life (1952-1977) although the Swiss may tell you Vevey is most famous for being the place where milk chocolate was invented in 1875. Or, they may tell you that Vevey is where the Nestle Company was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestle.  All may all be true but Vevey is also where the Musee de l’Alimentation or the Food Museum is located. Read more »