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Teriyaki Tofu Rice Bowl

Teriyaki Tofu Rice Bowl is a staple in our home and a dish I make at least once a week. Inspired by The Happy Herbivore‘s recipe for Hawaiian Chickpea Teriyaki, this dish came about one night when everyone in the house had something to say about what ingredients they wanted in a rice bowl. Trying to please the whole group, I made a big bowl of brown rice and then put all the ingredients on the counter top buffet style so each person could make the bowl they wanted. What happened was surprising – everyone wanted all the toppings so we decided to call the dish Teriyaki Tofu Rice Bowl. It’s a winner. Read more »


Spelt: The Golden Grain

I’m partial to spelt…

One of my favorite grains is spelt, a member of the wheat family that has a chewy texture and a nutty flavor. In its whole grain form, spelt is referred to as a berry although it looks like a long golden seed or grain.. Similar to rice in texture – but more flavorful – spelt can be used instead of rice in recipes for pilaf, salads, and puddings. Spelt berries can also be boiled and added to cooked steel-cut oats to make a delicious breakfast bowl. Add some cinnamon, chopped bananas and strawberries for a morning feast. Read more »


“Leaving The Atocha Station”

No writer is free to renounce his political moment but literature reflects politics more than it affects it, an important distinction.

Ben Lerner was 24 years old when he traveled to Madrid, Spain on a Fulbright Scholarship in 2003. A recent graduate of Brown University with a B.A. in Political Theory and an M.F.A. in Poetry, Lerner may have chosen Spain because of its troubled past – many poets writers, and artists were murdered, jailed, or forced into exile during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)  – or because the country offers a unique perspective on politics, fascism, and terror – all of which make Spain a rich playground for those in the arts. Read more »


Sweetie Beans Many Cake Cake Mix

Sweetie Beans Many Cake Cake Mix is a gluten-free and vegan blend of ingredients – primarily white rice flour, sugar, tapioca starch, potato starch and potato flour – that serves as a base to make truly delicious cakes.  Several months ago at a  convention for health products, I was drawn to a booth with a crowd of people vying for samples of a variety of large sheet cakes – chocolate, spice, vanilla, and more. Read more »


Kelapo Coconut Oil Cooking Spray

All-natural Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Cooking Spray is one of the newest alternative cooking sprays on the market. Made with one ingredient:  unrefined cold-pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil, Kelapo Cooking Spray is a surprisingly healthy and delicious alternative to vegetable oil sprays, butter, and margarine. With no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and no soy (for those who prefer a pure coconut oil spray), Kelapo Cooking Spray is convenient way to coat pans and cookie sheets to keep food from sticking to the cookware. Read more »


Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries and Walnuts

Brussels Sprouts are irresistibly good when pan roasted on the stove and paired with dried cranberries, toasted walnuts, caramelized shallots, and a light mustard dressing. Inspired by a recipe by Josh Feathers of Blackberry Farm, I adjusted the recipe to reflect my preference for dried cranberries, homemade caramelized shallots (jarred onion jams also work well if time is a factor)*, and citrus champagne vinegar.  The dish can also be made with fresh apple slices, depending on your preference (below are pictures of both with and without fresh apple slices). Read more »


Bella di Cerignola Olives

During the holiday season, there is no better time to enjoy one of nature’s most perfect foods:  the Cerignola Olive whose real name is the Bella di Cerignola Olive. Grown in the southern province of Puglia, Italy, the Cerignola Olive is named after a town of the same name, a place known for its cathedrals, red wine, and very special olives. Abnormally large, the Cerignola Olive is sometimes referred to as the “beginner’s olive” because of its mild and smooth taste, but fans of Cerignola Olives remain a loyal group long after their first taste. Read more »


Bell Stone Toffee

Novi, Michigan is the home of Bell Stone Toffee, a company dedicated to making scrumptious pecan toffee from a recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation since the 1880’s. Made of four ingredients – butter, sugar, chocolate, and pecans, Bell Stone Toffee is made fresh and shipped within days to ensure toffee lovers enjoy this treat at its freshest. With no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavorings, Bell Stone Toffee is everything toffee should be:  buttery, crunchy, sweet, and slightly salty – with the top covered in milk, dark, or white chocolate (your choice) and covered in chopped pecans.  Read more »


Amy’s Holiday Cookie Collections

Amy’s Cookies of Brooklyn, New York makes fabulous cookies and during the holiday season, this star cookie maker creates exquisitely hand decorated cookies in a variety of shapes and sizes: sleighs, snowflakes, ornaments, gingerbread, winter caps, mittens, sweaters, and more. The cookies are wrapped, on a bed of brightly colored raffia in a beautiful box (or two) tied with a grosgrain ribbon. The six themed holiday cookie collections range from $45-$68 plus shipping and can be ordered on-line at

Read more »


Byrne and Carlson Palets des Fleurs

Byrne & Carlson opened up its doors 14 years ago (1999) in a historic brick building on State Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, just a few blocks from the Memorial Bridge (the bridge that separates New Hampshire from Maine). The company was founded with a commitment to make chocolate and confections in small batches by hand using only the finest ingredients. Read more »