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  1. Mar 8 2023

    There is no search engine that would give me that information on non-profits. The loan would be listed on the liability side of the balance sheet and if forgiven, there may be a note in the supplemental information. When disclosed, I disclose the info on my posts. That said, there are thousands of businesses that received these “loans” and didn’t need them because they had significant net assets to carry them through.

  2. Ray
    Mar 8 2023

    Thank you for sharing this info., it’s very enlightening.
    Have you considered delving into non-profits and the “SBA Grant – Paycheck Protection Program” monies they received? Many of these non-profits had significant SB loans forgiven, while their net assets increased 10-20-30-40%.

  3. Feb 3 2023

    I checked the Form 990 (2015) and it shows there was a $250 million legal suit settled and $33 million in legal fees, which explains most of the loss but not all. You can look at all of the expenses that year in the Form 990.

    Feb 2 2023

    Read with much interest your NCAA overview. I was wondering if you would take the time to review 2015 and determine how they lost $415.7 million???

    Total Revenue (+)Profit / (-)Loss
    2018 … $1,118,669,180 + $ 73,479,225
    2017 … $1,057,710,190 + $ 24,744,453
    2016 … $1,062,709,385 + $120,342,117
    2015 … $ 970,964,517 – $415,734,249
    2014 … $ 952,092,029 + $ 43,285,382
    2013 … $ 906,191,166 + $ 7,716,285
    2012 … $ 874,309,425 + $ 32,237,003
    2011 … $ 841,058,941 + $ 49,763,582
    2010 … $ 814,498,042 + $ 40,735,615
    2009 … $ 740,910,957 + $ 38,753,939
    2008 … $ 765,528,721 + $ 56,508,802
    2007 … $ 657,760,383 + $ 47,468,596

  5. Mar 23 2022

    Janice: Unvortunately. I am unable to obtain a Form 990 for Salvation Army KROC. The Salvation Army (there are numerous organizations under the Salvation Army umbrella) gets a religious exemption (how I don’t understand as I’ve yet to meet a person who told me they are Salvation Armian; Christian yes, Jewish yes, Mormon Yes, Baptist, Yes, Methodist yes, Seventh Day Adventist yes, etc…but never Salvation Armian. They are exempt from taxes as are the properties they own (which includes residences and commercial properties) which means the public has to make up what they don’t pay for. If you went to any county tax collector’s office and did a search of properties owned by the Salvation Army, it’s shocking. The bottom line is that the Salvation Army does not want to be transparent. As such, the public should not support them. It’s a 2-way street…they want public support and government tax exemption but they don’t want to allow the public to know how they spend revenue and what they own. It’s disgraceful.

  6. Janice
    Mar 22 2022

    Dear Anne,

    After having an unpleasant conversation with Col. Ralph Bukiewicz Southern THQ in Atlanta for Salvation Army Kroc which refuses to offer membership rates to accommodate economic disadvantage individuals I made a comment to Col. Bukiewicz saying he makes a six-figure salary. To which he replied I have no idea to his salary. According to him he manages some 400 locations in the southern region.

    I figure since Salvation Army Kroc was a 501c3 and IRS 990 filing should be public record. I have no idea Salvation Army KROC had tax exempt church filing status. It better explains why the KROC centers offer services on Sunday.

    After seeing your article title ‘Why the Salvation Army Should File an IRS Form 990″. I am even more anger upon reading Salvation Army pays no property taxes which become expensed to the general public.

    I am an older woman seeking a safe place to exercise to improve health for medical reasons because streets are unsafe due crime and stray aggressive dogs. KROC is a 15-minute one bus ride from my home. When asking KROC for membership assistance for economic disadvantage individuals they referred me to the YMCA which is 2-3 buses an hour or more from my home.

    KROC membership structure does not seem to make a lot of sense giving a family of 4 cost on a cash monthly basis is $60 compared to single individual $40. I was told by a director KROC is reviewing given assistance to economic disadvantage individuals. KROC has been in operation for over a decade there is no excuse for not opening their facilities to the needy. Col. Ralph Bukiewicz claims such would causes them to go out of business.

    As a means to get rid of me Stephen Carpenter THQ Kroc Director in Atlanta took $80 from his pocket and added to my account as charity. I told him I was not looking for his personal charity but for policy change to aid all individuals such as me.

    Two questions: Will you do a blog on KROC refusal to offer reduced membership fees to economic disadvantage individuals, but instead refers such individuals to the YMCA?

    Do you think the salaries are public record for Col. Ralph Bukiewicz and Stephen Carpenter?

    Sincerely / Thank you,

  7. Dec 16 2021

    Hi Gary:

    The most recent post on salaries for the American Heart Association is:

    and shows the CEO received $3.5 million in compensation.

    Also note the date of the posts in assessing whether the information is outdated. Typically the availability of the Form 990 is 1.5-2 years old (i.e. a post in December, 2020 about the executive compensation at the American Heart Association is from 2019 is timely). When newer Form 990’s are released, a new post is made (as opposed to updating a previously written post).

    A post also made in December, 2020 about “Where Does $100 to the American Heart Association Go 2019” was based on 2019 figures (again, this was timely) did have a typo of “43,474,435” but with no dollar sign. The “4” is the same key as a dollar sign so the “4” was updated to a “$.”

  8. Gary Marvin
    Dec 16 2021

    Hi Anne: I was looking at your info on the American Heart Association. It appears to be outdated and incorrect – the salary you have listed for the CEO is $40M … but their 990 lists it as about $3? Haven’t looked deeply at the other info but that really jumped out at me. Figured you would want to try to make it accurate.

  9. Jamie Peppard
    Dec 6 2021

    Hi Anne, Didn’t see your reply to my comment & updated post until just now. Don’t know if you noticed the change in auditors, another red flag. Some of the vendors IAPU senior management is engaging in their roles as officers of scam pacs are eyebrow raising. More to come.

  10. Jamie Peppard
    Sep 4 2021

    Hi, Retired CPA from Levittown NY. Someone on Twitter steered me to yr first rate June ’20 analysis of the International Union of Police Associations AFL-CIO 990s. At least three of the officers are fronting scam super PACs & my understanding is a grand jury has been convened looking into the org. You may already know this but the IRS Charity database has current 990s not yet on 990 Finder etc. My Twitter account is @mrspanstreppon

  11. Jun 16 2021


  12. Lochod
    Jun 16 2021

    Hi Anne, Nice to read your post. I have been working in Non-profit for more than 15 years as an accountant and let me know if you need help in getting 990 form.

  13. Jun 1 2021

    The best suggestion I have is to read the Form 990 but if you don’t want to do that, then you can email me with the name of a non-profit.

    By the way, there is a search option at the bottom right of the blog. It says “SEARCH.” Just type in the non-profit name and all posts will come up.

  14. Nguyen
    May 31 2021

    Hi Ann, I stumbled upon your website while I was doing my research on St Jude to donate. My usual go-to resource is Charity Navigator (CN) and I probably would have made my donation based on CN 4 star rating if I did not see your website. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations of resources for a person wishing to thoroughly vet a non-profit organization prior to making a donation (I am thinking of Doctors without Borders)? I am blessed to have a comfortable life that enables me to share with those less unfortunate, but I also wanted to make sure that my hard-earned money is well spent.
    Thank you so much for your investigative work on these non-profit organizations and just a little suggestion, it would be awesome if I am able to search your website by organization names.

  15. Since 2003, when I founded Teens Against Drunk Driving (TADD), then combined TADD with newly formed charity, that i also founded (Americans United Against Destructive Driving AUADD) we have been all-volunteer. Educating over 400 thousand youths against the dangers of destructive driving, using our life saving driver’s education program. To see some of the salaries and the miniscule amounts of a dollar that is returned to the charities for charitable work, is appalling. I must say, i never looked into these charities before. i am very proud of what we do with every dollar given to us. Full disclosure, i have privately funded virtually all aspects of our charitable work since 2003. We will have to change that going forward, if we are to reach our goal of transforming the paper version of our education system, to an app(free) version. Sponsors and regular donations we have to be sought out.

  16. j howell
    Jan 20 2021


  17. Jan 11 2021

    People have different priorities. Some people – particularly in the medical and health field – view the non-profits that impact these fields – as a priority, while others view the traditional non-profits as a priority.

    With 70% of the US population overweight or obese, heart disease as the number 1 cause of death, and the explosive growth in Type 2 diabetes and other diseases greatly impacted by diet, many people view the non-profits in the food industry as dangerous. We live in a country where most doctors tell patients to take a statin to combat high cholesterol instead of addressing the cause of the high cholesterol – most often the SAD (Standard American Diet). People think they are eating “healthy” by eating chicken when in fact, it’s loaded with cholesterol and saturated fat. And, then there is the environmental impact of raising (most of the corn and soybeans we grow in the US is to feed livestock) and slaughtering billions and billions of animals annually. So, many environmentalists also consider non-profits in the animal livestock industry as organizations that significantly contribute to the deterioration of this planet.

    So, although I appreciate where you are coming from, I also believe there are all types of non-profits whose mission and spending needs to be exposed to the public.

  18. Robert Woods
    Jan 11 2021

    Yes — I understand that. But if your reports are ‘calls to action’ — I should hope ‘we’ work first on those playing on heartstrings to enrich themselves with questionable appeals for people’s contributions.

    Trade associations are quite something else and not worth society’s scarce resources of effort and attention. It would be ‘fun’ to see how they bilk their members but not high on a ‘what to do list.’

    You have a darn good ‘machine’ to tell us about injustices but I’d hope we could do more about needed health care, etc. than the profitability of chicken nuggets, etc. — which is the goal of chicken lobbyists.

  19. Jan 11 2021

    The blog addresses all types of non-profits.

  20. Robert Woods
    Jan 11 2021

    Might it not be useful to separate ‘charities’ and ‘trade associations?’ IMO HUGE difference in what attention should ge given to ‘charities’ — chicken companies can be scammed at will in my book.

  21. Jan 2 2021

    I don’t know. The Form 990 does not address this issue. Nor, does the website.

  22. Ronald Davidson
    Jan 2 2021

    how does carter roberts justify his salary?

  23. greg plant
    Nov 10 2020

    board members fly first class, sign me up. over $2 million spent on perks, wow, I need to become a board member. Robin Ganzert you treat yourself & friends well, what about the animals you could help with all that money, fly coach, save hundreds of animals.

  24. Sep 4 2020

    Thank you….you comment means a lot to me!

  25. Deb
    Sep 4 2020

    Anne, thanks to you I make better decisions on what non-profits to support. I’ve also sent my daughter a link to your website. She is a very active donor to many organizations and was surprised to find how little goes to many. I applaud your efforts and hope you continue to provide this generous information to the public. You’ve taken many steps out of the equation by your willingness to do the ‘legwork’ and I thank you.

  26. May 2 2020

    You’re not being a pain. I understand. My best advice is to give locally. Most local non-profits watch every penny because they simply do not have the funds to pay big salaries, benefits and perks. But, do try to review the Form 990 before giving so you can see where funds are spent. If you want me to review a 990, let me know and I will give you a summary of the facts.

  27. Carl Metzler
    May 1 2020

    Okay, thanks, Anne. I’m not trying to be a pain, just trying to get a grip on which charities for others and myself are the best to support.

  28. Apr 29 2020

    Jews for Jesus is a 501 (c) 3 but also classified as a “church” by the IRS so they are not required to file a Form 990. However, they always have the option to file a Form 990 if they want to provide the public with transparency. I was unable to find any financial information on their website.

  29. Gaye Pietrocola
    Apr 29 2020

    I am very concerned that so much of the donations go to salary. Seriously, nearly half a million to the head of this organization is ridiculous. Too many employees taking too much money in salary. I would like to donate but whose salary am I contributing to?

  30. Carl Metzler
    Apr 29 2020

    Do you have an analysis of the organization Jews for Jesus? Thank you.

  31. Mike Gearing
    Nov 15 2019

    cut your staff in half. cut all salaries 10% you are top heavy. If you really care about the animals more should go to their welfare.

  32. Feb 2 2016

    Hi Marion: What product are you referring to?

  33. Marian
    Feb 2 2016

    Where can I buy this in my state? I live in Arkansas, my zip code is 72830. Thank you.

  34. Jan 23 2014

    Great hint – thanks!

  35. Jan 23 2014

    The updated information is on the website, in the statistical reports. When you go to the site, click on “Information For” and then click on “Media and Researchers” and then click on the blue highlighted line: “International Education Research Database.” You will be asked to register and then you will have access to the statistical information.

  36. Jan 23 2014


    Your article below has some really useful information. I’m really interested in finding the most recent updates to the information below. Is it on the website? I’ve looked but couldn’t find it.

    World Mean Score: 30.7 (2010)
    North America Mean Score: 27.5 (2008)
    % of IB Diploma that score 45: 1%
    % of IB Diploma that score 40 or higher: 10%
    % of IB Diploma that score 38 or higher: 15%
    % of IB Diploma that score 36 or higher: 21%
    % of IB Diploma that score 34 or higher: 30%
    % of IB Diploma that score 32 or higher: 39%


  37. Aug 12 2013

    Hi Cindy: Click on the link below for a list of stores in California. If there isn’t a store close to you, cocomels can be purchased directly from the company’s on-line store (the link is below also).

  38. Cindy
    Aug 12 2013

    where can I buy cocomels in california?

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