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  1. Sep 4 2020

    Thank you….you comment means a lot to me!

  2. Deb
    Sep 4 2020

    Anne, thanks to you I make better decisions on what non-profits to support. I’ve also sent my daughter a link to your website. She is a very active donor to many organizations and was surprised to find how little goes to many. I applaud your efforts and hope you continue to provide this generous information to the public. You’ve taken many steps out of the equation by your willingness to do the ‘legwork’ and I thank you.

  3. May 2 2020

    You’re not being a pain. I understand. My best advice is to give locally. Most local non-profits watch every penny because they simply do not have the funds to pay big salaries, benefits and perks. But, do try to review the Form 990 before giving so you can see where funds are spent. If you want me to review a 990, let me know and I will give you a summary of the facts.

  4. Carl Metzler
    May 1 2020

    Okay, thanks, Anne. I’m not trying to be a pain, just trying to get a grip on which charities for others and myself are the best to support.

  5. Apr 29 2020

    Jews for Jesus is a 501 (c) 3 but also classified as a “church” by the IRS so they are not required to file a Form 990. However, they always have the option to file a Form 990 if they want to provide the public with transparency. I was unable to find any financial information on their website.

  6. Gaye Pietrocola
    Apr 29 2020

    I am very concerned that so much of the donations go to salary. Seriously, nearly half a million to the head of this organization is ridiculous. Too many employees taking too much money in salary. I would like to donate but whose salary am I contributing to?

  7. Carl Metzler
    Apr 29 2020

    Do you have an analysis of the organization Jews for Jesus? Thank you.

  8. Mike Gearing
    Nov 15 2019

    cut your staff in half. cut all salaries 10% you are top heavy. If you really care about the animals more should go to their welfare.

  9. Feb 2 2016

    Hi Marion: What product are you referring to?

  10. Marian
    Feb 2 2016

    Where can I buy this in my state? I live in Arkansas, my zip code is 72830. Thank you.

  11. Jan 23 2014

    Great hint – thanks!

  12. Jan 23 2014

    The updated information is on the website, in the statistical reports. When you go to the site, click on “Information For” and then click on “Media and Researchers” and then click on the blue highlighted line: “International Education Research Database.” You will be asked to register and then you will have access to the statistical information.

  13. Jan 23 2014


    Your article below has some really useful information. I’m really interested in finding the most recent updates to the information below. Is it on the website? I’ve looked but couldn’t find it.

    World Mean Score: 30.7 (2010)
    North America Mean Score: 27.5 (2008)
    % of IB Diploma that score 45: 1%
    % of IB Diploma that score 40 or higher: 10%
    % of IB Diploma that score 38 or higher: 15%
    % of IB Diploma that score 36 or higher: 21%
    % of IB Diploma that score 34 or higher: 30%
    % of IB Diploma that score 32 or higher: 39%


  14. Aug 12 2013

    Hi Cindy: Click on the link below for a list of stores in California. If there isn’t a store close to you, cocomels can be purchased directly from the company’s on-line store (the link is below also).

  15. Cindy
    Aug 12 2013

    where can I buy cocomels in california?

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