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Where are my glasses?

People of a certain age (over 40) know that reading glasses are a necessity of day-to-day living because the eyes are definitely not what they used to be. If you’ve ever been in a dark restaurant and been given a menu with more than 3 items on it and not had reading glasses handy, then you know the sense of frustration at not being able to read the font that seems to grow smaller every year. Put the menu up to a candle and risk a bonfire and the ire of the server not to mention the fire department. Read more »


The Purple Carrot

With our plant-based recipes, you’ll soon be cooking the world’s most delicious meals-

The Purple Carrot is an economical meal service provider of delicious entrees that will rock your culinary world by providing perfectly portioned fresh seasonal ingredients along with recipes to make it easy to cook up a flavorful plant-based meal at home in 30-40 minutes.

Everything is pre-measured (including spices) and of the highest possible quality, often organic, ethically sourced and always non-GMO so that all you have to do is follow the simple instructions for a delicious meal. Read more »


For the Shakespeare Inspired

Buying just the right card for that special someone usually involves a trip to Hallmark, Target, CVS or the supermarket where the selection includes the humorous (which seems to be subjective) or cards filled with flowery language that simply say too much. Simplicity in a card is almost always the best choice but finding a card that has just the right message is challenging (and nearly impossible) at the last-minute unless a supply of Bard’s Cards is on hand. Read more »


Mystic Knotwork Bracelets

The nautical look is a style that seems to be timeless whether it’s the quintessential French sailor’s shirt or the American nautical rope bracelet. Back in the early 80’s, I remember purchasing my first Breton red and white stripe long sleeve sailor shirt for $26 in Newport, Rhode Island along with a white nautical rope bracelet that I wore on my wrist for most of the summer until sand and dirt mixed with water (and probably spilled beer) pushed it into retirement. The preppy look reigned at the time and although briefly threatened by the flash of disco fashions, the nautical look persevered and is enjoying a resurgence in popularity today. Read more »


Charity Checkout Contributions

In the United States, nearly every retail organization asks if you would like to make a charitable contribution to a good cause at the check out counter. Retailers love it because it makes them look caring (even if it’s on the back of customers) and often gives a tax write-off while charities love it because a lot of money is raised with very little cost (some companies do take a percentage as an administrative fee) while most customers dread it because they feel trapped and shamed into giving and this happens over and over every single day. Read more »


Hand Woven Merino Wool Blankets

Most people are not thinking about wool blankets this time of year but they should be because now is the time to buy a new hand-woven lightweight blanket from the Nordt Family Farm – a 400 acre working farm, 30 miles southeast of Richmond, Virginia on the banks of the James River in Charles City, Virginia.

Owned by Dianne Nordt and her orthopedic surgeon husband, Nordt Family Farm has all kinds of animals including a small flock of three dozen sheep who supply the merino wool used to make beautiful soft hand-woven blankets. Warm and cozy yet light enough for year-round use, the Nordt Family Farm Merino Wool Blanket has hand-hemmed edges to give a clean, modern look to a traditional favorite throw. Read more »


Bell Stone Toffee

Novi, Michigan is the home of Bell Stone Toffee, a company dedicated to making scrumptious pecan toffee from a recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation since the 1880’s. Made of four ingredients – butter, sugar, chocolate, and pecans, Bell Stone Toffee is made fresh and shipped within days to ensure toffee lovers enjoy this treat at its freshest. With no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavorings, Bell Stone Toffee is everything toffee should be:  buttery, crunchy, sweet, and slightly salty – with the top covered in milk, dark, or white chocolate (your choice) and covered in chopped pecans.  Read more »


Whole Spice

Grocery store-bought spices were always a staple in my cabinet until I discovered Whole Spice – a California company that offers a wide selection of very fresh, all-natural herbs and spices without artificial colors, flavors or additives. Whole Spice offers more than 400 herbs, spices, seeds, blends, mixes, rubs, nuts, teas, fruits, vegetables, sugars, and seasonings in a variety of ways:  whole, ground, powder, seed, granules, flakes, nibs, diced, sliced, granulated, crushed and more. Read more »


Top Ten Family Games, Part 2

Computers, i-pads, and i-pods have diminished the popularity of board games but sitting down with family and friends to play a game is still one of the all-American after dinner activities in our home, especially in the summer when we have no access to a television and intermittent access to the internet.  Everyone has their preferences but we all agree that taking the time to sit down and play the game isn’t just about the game, it’s about sharing time together, talking, laughing, and having fun. Below are a few games bound to bring laughter and fun to your family: Read more »


Top Ten Family Games, Part 1

Family activities are important ways to spend time together and although a family member or two may be reluctant to play a game that’s not on a screen, the attitude usually changes once the game gets underway, especially if television and the internet are not options  In our home and especially during the summer after dinner, we gather around a big circular table and often play one of the following games: Read more »