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February 19, 2015

Mystic Knotwork Bracelets

by Anne Paddock

The nautical look is a style that seems to be timeless whether it’s the quintessential French sailor’s shirt or the American nautical rope bracelet. Back in the early 80’s, I remember purchasing my first Breton red and white stripe long sleeve sailor shirt for $26 in Newport, Rhode Island along with a white nautical rope bracelet that I wore on my wrist for most of the summer until sand and dirt mixed with water (and probably spilled beer) pushed it into retirement. The preppy look reigned at the time and although briefly threatened by the flash of disco fashions, the nautical look persevered and is enjoying a resurgence in popularity today.Mystic_Knotwork_White_Nautical_Bracelet

The good news is that some things never change: the nautical rope bracelet is still made the same way today as it has been for generations – by hand with cotton cord by Mystic Knotwork in Stonington, Connecticut.  The iconic bracelet comes in ten designs:

Original: This is the one that started it all more than 50 years ago. The Original White Mystic Sailor Bracelet Turks Head is 1.25 inches wide and comes in 13 colors, including the original white color. $4.25 each with discounts for orders of 2 or more in white and 10 or more in colors.Mystic_Knotwork_Original_Nautical_Bracelet

Original Fat Cotton: An oversized (2 inches wide) sailor knot bracelet made with 100% cotton sash cord that can be dyed. Tap into your inner Martha Stewart to make a seasonal favorite. $10 each.


Outline: The Original Mystic Sailor Bracelet Turks Head made with cotton cord and outlined in satin in 41 color combinations. $5 each.


Cotton Stripe: The Original Mystic Sailor Bracelet Turks Head made with cotton cord and two colors in 30 color combinations. $5 each.


Satin Stripe: The Original Mystic Sailor Bracelet Turks Head (although slighter smaller at 1 inch wide) with bright white cotton cord and shiny satin cord in 9 color combinations for a dressy look. $5 each.


Matched Sets: Two Original Mystic Sailor Bracelets made with cotton cord in two colors in 10 contrasting color combinations (i.e. navy and red, red and navy). $9.50 for the set.


Narrow: The Original Mystic Sailor Bracelet Turks Head just 3/4 of an inch wide in 14 colors. $4 each with discounts for purchases of 2 or more.narrow

Wide: At about 2 inches wide, this Original Mystic Sailor Bracelet Turks Head comes in 15 colors.wide

Burgee Wrap: The Nautical Wrap Bracelet Brass Burgee Clip is made with 3 feet of 550 Paracord that wraps around your wrist with a 1 and 7/8 inch long brass marine clip in 7 colors. $5 each with quantity discounts for orders of 25 or more.Mystic_Knotwork_Wrap_Burgee_Bracelet

Shackle Bracelet: The Nautical Shackle Bracelet is one very stylish bracelet made with 550 Paracord (9 colors) and a forged 316 stainless steel shackle (that has a 1,500 pound breaking strength). $12 each with discounts for orders of 6 or more. Easy to put on and take off with the captive pin to the shackle.Mystic_Knotwork_Shackle_Bracelet

The bracelets come in three wrist sizes: small (5-6 inches), medium (6-7 inches), and large (7-8 inches) although custom sized bracelets can be made for those with smaller or larger wrists.Paddock_Post_Mystic_Knotworks

To read more about Mystic Sailor bracelets or to place an order, go to the company website: Shipping is very inexpensive (I ordered 4 bracelets and the shipping was $2.51). Great as party favors, gifts, and more.Mystic_Knotwork_Sailor_Bracelets

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