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February 21, 2015

Bespoke® Crackers

by Anne Paddock

…..sturdy, crunchy and über tasty (just the way a rockin’ good cracker ought to be)

Great tasting food is made from great tasting ingredients which is exactly what Bespoke® Provisions of Boulder, Colorado set out to do for crackers – a food that is often an afterthought or purchased as a vehicle to eat with other foods.

The word “bespoke” refers to a product made to a particular specification and in the case of Bespoke® Provisions, that meant using all natural and whole-grain rolled oats to make a  super tasty and sturdy cracker that could both stand on its own and complement toppings including cheese, nut butters, spreads, dips, and even bruschetta.

bespoke_provisions_crackersBespoke® crackers some in three flavors:

Original: Made with enriched unbleached wheat flour, rolled oats, water, unsalted butter, cane sugar, sea salt, baking powder, baking, and kosher salt, these deliciously crunchy crackers reflect the simple yet exceptional ingredients and baking methods used to make them.bespoke_provisions

Rosemary and Lemon: There’s a reason bakers put rosemary on top of  focaccia or in breads – the assertive spice gives an earthy flavor and a pine-like fragrance to baked goods. Combined with lemon peel – another bold flavor – rosemary and lemon makes for a winning combination in a cracker that can be enjoyed as is or with hummus, tabbouleh, baba ghanousch, and muhammarah.bespoke_crackers

Chile: Peppered with Chili de Arbol, garlic, and other spices makes for a full flavored cracker with a bit of a kick making it perfect for mild flavored spreads, dips, cheeses, or a batch of chopped roasted vegetables.bespoke

Bespoke® crackers come packaged in 6 ounce bags and sell for approximately $7 per bag. To purchase on-line, go to the company website ( where 3 bags of a single flavor or one of each can be purchased for $21 plus shipping (a very reasonable $7.29 on my order).01-Crackers-diagonal-IMG_9355

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