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Twelve Superstars

Today is Election Day. Many of us will flock to the polls and cast our votes for the candidates we want to represent us.  Although the really big election day is a year away, the essence of leadership is heavy on many people’s minds with all the presidential debates. As we make our choices today and in the future, let us not forget about the people who are making a difference by making this world a better, healthier, and more compassionate place. Read more »


Storye Rye Bread

Storye Rye Bread is made in a baking facility that has a serious relationship with both rye and wood.  It all starts with the rye which is made from the sturdiest grains harvested in the harsh climate of northern Europe where the short summers will only accommodate the heartiest grains capable of growing explosively over the short growing season. Packed with nutrients, these rye grains make a wholesome bread simply by mixing the unbleached rye flour with scalding water and adding rye malt, a little leavening from previous batches, a bit of sugar, caraway seeds, and salt. Read more »


Sweet and Sara Rice Crispy Treats

The Rice Krispy Treat has been around for about 75 years and is celebrated as much for its distinctive flavor and texture as for the marriage of two completely different ingredients (proving opposites attract): crispy rice cereal and soft, chewy marshmallows. Together, these two ingredients form the basis of one of America’s all-time most popular snacks. Read more »


Pascha Organic Chocolate Chips

Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life.

We never outgrow chocolate chips but as we grow older, we realize there are differences in chocolate chips, just as there are differences in the friendships we’ve cultivated through the years. Some have an artificialness while others are as pure as the cacao bean itself. It’s the real ones – the truly scrumptious ones – we want to treasure. Read more »


Mediterranean Crackers

Indulge in the savory flavors of the Greek Islands….

Mediterranean Crackers are delicious crisp crackers made with extra virgin olive oil and the freshest ingredients by bakers in Greece. Top with your favorite spread, nut butter or simply enjoy these flavorful crackers straight from the box. With four flavors to choose from – Original Sea Salt, Leek & Onion, Roasted Tomato and Basil, and Feta & Oregano, Mediterranean Crackers bring the authentic flavors of Greece to your table. Read more »


The Luna Burger

Ohio may be well-known for its medical facilities (The Cleveland Clinic), museums (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,  Cleveland Museum of Art), roller coasters (Cedar Point), presidents (8 of them were born here), athletes (Jess Owens, LeBron James), activists (Gloria Steinem, Edwin Stanton) but the Buckeye State is also the home of the Luna Burger: handcrafted organic non-GMO verified pure plant veggie burgers made with a foundation of black beans, spelt berries, brown rice, and oats grown on small family farms that utilize sustainable growing practices. Read more »


Yumbutter G0

Get some crazy nutritious, mouth-rockin’ delicious energy.

Adrian Reif and Matt D’Amour, co-founders of Yumbutter – world-changing nut butters – have a dream:  to nourish the world while running the world’s most responsible food company. To accomplish these goals, they set out to make some of the most delicious and nutritious nut butters – peanut, almond, and sunflower – with wholesome ingredients that nourish on-the-go because eating nut butters out of a jar isn’t easy outside the home. Read more »


Broccoli Salad

When cole slaw doesn’t create as much excitement around the dinner table halfway through the summer as it did over July 4th, its time to mix things up a bit and serve fresh Broccoli Salad, a colorful and refreshing alternative to the traditional summer salads. Choosing flavors and textures that complement each other in both taste and presentation is the key here while keeping it simple with four ingredients. Think earthy, sweet, crunchy, and tangy.  Read more »


Organic Bean Pastas

What is it with guys and protein? If my husband sees or hears “25 mg of protein” his face lights up. And, it seems that whenever I have a discussion with someone about being a vegetarian who doesn’t eat dairy products, the topic of conversation immediately turns to an inquiry of where I get my protein – because people have been brainwashed to think the best source of protein is from animals when in fact, plant-based foods are an excellent source of protein. Read more »


Sunfood Super Foods: Nut and Trail Mix

I wonder if the person who invented trail mix actually thought of it as they were cleaning out their car and moved their kid’s car seat?                               ~TheRat

Trail mix has come a long way in the past decade. No longer is the choice between a monster sized container filled with peanuts, raisins and chocolate candy or just plain GORP (good ol’ raisins and peanuts). Today,  the selection is vast with some of the best options offered by Sunfood Super Foods – a San Diego based company dedicated to providing nutrient-dense, non-GMO, raw, organic super foods to consumers, including two incredibly wholesome and natural trail mixes that also happen to be delicious. Read more »