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October 10, 2015

Storye Rye Bread

by Anne Paddock

Storye Rye Bread is made in a baking facility that has a serious relationship with both rye and wood.  It all starts with the rye which is made from the sturdiest grains harvested in the harsh climate of northern Europe where the short summers will only accommodate the heartiest grains capable of growing explosively over the short growing season. Packed with nutrients, these rye grains make a wholesome bread simply by mixing the unbleached rye flour with scalding water and adding rye malt, a little leavening from previous batches, a bit of sugar, caraway seeds, and salt.

Storye-Rye_BreadThe dough is then placed into wooden bowls where it is allowed to rise for 36 hours in a temperature controlled environment. The dough is then formed into loaves by hand and baked in two separate wood-fired ovens. The first oven at nearly 1,000 degrees Farenheit will give the bread its crunchy crust in exactly nine seconds while the second oven at 500 degrees Farenheit will bake the bread for a full two hours.

These ovens are stoked only with smooth branchless timber which is the only way oven temperatures can be kept even and steady. From start to finish, Storye Rye Bread takes 38 hours to make because the company is committed to the slow natural process that makes the bread taste better and retain all its best qualities. No yeasts or chemical preservatives are added to Storye Rye Breads.Storye_Rye_Breads

Storye makes four varieties of rye bread:

Classic Rye:  The classic rye bread has a rich and hearty taste owing to the unbleached rye flour (yeast-free), natural fermentation (rye flour and water), sugar, rye malt, caraway seeds, and salt.

Fine Rye:  A finer grain rye bread that has the same ingredients as the Classic Rye.

Classic Rye with Carrots: A slightly sweeter version of the Classic Rye with all the same ingredients plus carrots.

Fine Rye with Fruit and Nuts: A delicious fruity nutty bread containing unbleached rye flour (yeast-free), natural fermentation (rye flour and water), apricots, plums, hazelnuts, raisins, sugar, rye malt, lemons, and sulphur dioxide (the preservative used in the dried fruits. For those who prefer rye bread without sulphur dioxide, choose the Classic Rye, Fine Rye, or Classic Rye with Carrots).Storye-Rye_Bread

The breads are packaged in an airtight sealed bag with a string-tied cardboard wrapping that keeps the sliced bread in place and fresh. The Classic Rye, Fine Rye and Classic Rye with Carrots come in 1.1 pound packages (8-9 slices of bread) while the Fine Rye Bread with Fruit and Nuts comes in a 0.551 package (4 slices of bread).

To purchase the bread, go to the company website for a list of retailers or order the bread directly from the company via their website: The Classic Rye, Fine Rye, and Classic Rye with Carrots sell for $7 per package or 4 packages for $24 plus shipping (very reasonable). The Fine Rye Bread with Fruit and Nuts sells for $5.75 per package or 2 packages for $10 plus shipping. The bread freezes very well for up to six months as packaged.

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