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3 Easy Steps to Make a Fruit Berry Coulis

Coulis is just a fancy word for “sauce” made primarily from fruit (or vegetables). In the summertime when farmer’s markets and grocery shelves are overflowing with fresh produce, consider making a fruit berry coulis to use as a side sauce for desserts, to top your favorite ice cream, or as part of a parfait. Read more »


Gelato Fiasco: Vegan Options

Inspired by Italy. Perfected in Maine.

With summertime around the corner,  Italy’s version of ice cream – gelato – is a refreshing alternative on hot summer days. With an emphasis on texture and flavor: gelato has a softer texture (than ice cream) that allows the flavor to come through more strongly. Although most gelato contains milk (as opposed to cream), Gelato Fiasco offers four (4) dairy-free options: Dark Chocolate Noir Sorbetto, Ripe Mango Sorbetto, Raspberry Truffle Sorbetto, and Banana Stracciatella. Read more »


Introducing Ben and Jerry’s Non-Dairy “Ice Cream”

Be one in a million.

Ben & Jerry’s of Burlington, Vermont recently started making “ice cream” with almond milk instead of dairy products which has shoppers scavenging for pints that give new meaning to the word “ice cream.” Dairy-free, vegan, non-GMO, and Fair Trade certified, Ben & Jerry’s new frozen desserts are disappearing off the freezer shelves as fast as they can be restocked. Read more »


Mocha Almond Fudge Bars

Do you like creamy ice cream, thick fudgey sauce, chocolate, and almonds? If the answer is yes, you’re in for a treat. A Mocha Almond Fudge Bar by So Delicious is as good as the name sounds – rich, creamy, decadent, and so delicious. A non-dairy frozen dessert (technically, these bars are not ice cream because they are made with almond milk instead of milk from a cow), the Mocha Almond Fudge Bars taste every bit like yummy ice cream covered in chocolate and crunchy roasted almonds. Read more »


So Delicious Cashew Milk “Ice Cream”

For the past several years, most non-dairy ice cream has been made from coconut milk, which is delicious but you have to like coconut because no matter what the flavor is, coconut tends to dominate. Recently So Delicious – a leader in non-dairy products – released a line of cashew milk frozen desserts that taste just like ice cream. They can’t call it ice cream because there are no dairy products used to make it but trust me, it’s ice cream. Read more »


Kite Hill Yogurt

Finally you can enjoy creamy, almond milk yogurt made with vanilla beans, California peaches, mouth-watering strawberries, wild Maine blueberries, or simply on its own as delicious plain yogurt.

Giving up dairy products sometimes means giving up a few long time favorites.  For me, one of those favorites was yogurt. Although picky about yogurt (a small “milkerie” – a dairy and cheese maker –  in Schonreid, Switzerland makes the most delicious creamy yogurt in the world), the thought of never having that slightly sweet, tangy creamy treat again left me momentarily sad. Call it yogurt grief. Read more »


Herrell’s Hot Fudge Sauce

For hot fudge sundae connoisseurs, the two most important ingredients of a hot fudge sundae are the ice cream and the hot fudge sauce. Purists tend to prefer hard vanilla ice cream covered with a rich, thick chocolate sauce like Herrell’s Hot Fudge Sauce which is made with pure cane sugar, butter, fresh cream, fresh milk, cocoa powder, and cocoa liquor. There are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in Herrell’s Hot Fudge Sauce – it’s the real deal: thick and sinfully delicious. Simply open the jar, place in the microwave to warm or in a shallow bowl of hot water to warm, and scoop or pour over ice cream. For an added bonus, lick the spoon! Read more »


Cacao Sweets and Treats on a “Sundae”

Sunday evenings usually signify the end of the weekend so what better way to end the day then with a sundae topped with Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge or Salted Caramel Sauce by Cacao Sweets & Treats? Two luscious and decadent sauces poured over ice cream are hard to beat with the most difficult decision being which sauce to choose:  the rich, dark chocolate hot fudge sauce or the creamy, silky caramel sauce with a hint of Himalayan pink salt? Both sauces will turn an ordinary Sunday into a scrumptious sundae. Read more »


The Ice Cream Cone Dilemma

Where I grew up in northern New Jersey, there were two places to go for ice cream: Dairy Queen and Van Dyke’s Ice Cream. Dairy Queen, the local standby was the default choice when we wanted soft serve ice cream after dinner but on weekends or summer afternoons, we would ride our bikes to Van Dyke’s in Ridgewood for rich, creamy, locally made ice cream.

Scooped by hand into impossibly big round balls, the ice cream would be placed on top of a cake or sugar cone. The star of the show was the ice cream – summer cantaloupe, deep chocolate, minty chocolate chip – but the cone was best supporting actor. Within minutes, the ice cream was melting down the sides of the cone and we would be frantically licking the drips to keep the sweet cream from spilling all over our hands. The best bite was the last one: the semi-soft tip at the bottom of the cone – part melted ice cream and part crispy sugar cone and total bliss. Read more »


Siggi’s Yogurt Tubes

Siggi’s of yogurt fame has been making Icelandic style yogurt for nearly a decade using milk from local dairies in upstate New York who do not inject growth hormones into their cows. Icelandic style yogurt or skyr is made by incubating skim milk with live active cultures and then straining the mixture to make a much thicker, creamier and concentrated yogurt. Naturally fat-free, the yogurt is either left as is to make fat-free yogurt or blended with pasteurized cream to make a 2% yogurt that is referred to as rjóma-skyr or cream-skyr yogurt.  Read more »