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Dimples (the fruit, not the adorable result of a smile)

A Dimple is a sweet, easy-to-eat seedless Mandarin orange that is nutritious and delicious. With an easy to peel flesh (the whole orange can be peeled in one piece, a Dimple is a hybrid (the “gold nugget”) of the Mandarin variety with a bright orange bumpy “dimpled” rind which is how the fruit got its name.

It’s not a coincidence the name of this fruit shares its meaning with the adorable result of a smile.  Peel and eat a Dimple and you can’t help but smile, which if you’re lucky enough, will show in those cute dimples! Read more »



We all know that good oral health is critical for our overall well-being so we brush our teeth two or three times a day, floss, and see a dental hygienist once or twice a year to professionally clean our teeth. Walking out of the dentist’s office with sparkly clean teeth is a great feeling but it never lasts long. So what can we do to maintain healthy gums and teeth? The answer:  use Livionex: a tooth gel that removes more plaque than other commercial toothpaste.

Several months ago, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about a certain traveler’s must-haves. On that list was Livionex dental gel. Intrigued, I went to the company website and read about the benefits of using Livionex compared to regular commercial toothpaste.  The website told me that Livionex: Read more »


Gummies without the Gelatin

Never trust an adult who doesn’t like gummy bears, worms, or sour crawlers.

There is something special about gummy candy that brings out the kid in all of us. When a friend asked me “What do gummy bears, worms, cinnamon hats, sour crawlers, jelly rings, jelly slices, and hundreds of other gummy-type candies on the market have in common?,” my answer was “sugar,” which is not necessarily true (there are sugar-free gummies). Read more »


The Servus Northerner Series Boot

Whether you wear boots to walk in the rain, work in a garden or to simply protect your feet from the cold and muddy elements, there’s one boot that does it all: the Servus Northerner Series Boot. Never heard of it? Neither did I until a few years ago when I bought a pair in a vet’s office in a small town in central Iowa.

Back then, I needed a pair of durable boots to navigate the fields and muddy roads of a farm and didn’t want a pair of boots that looked like they came from the children’s shoe department at Target. What I found was a boot that turned out to be great looking, comfortable, and durable….. and yet outside of the midwest farming community, many people haven’t heard of them. Read more »


649 Bars of Soap

What is elegance? Soap and water.                                                                                    ~Cecil Beaton

A bar of soap seems like one of the simplest things in the world. Just add water, lather, and wash away dirt, germs, and oil but soap can do so much more than leave skin clean. A truly great bar of soap can also make skin soft and smell wonderful for many hours making creamy, lightly scented soap one of life’s true luxuries.

At Smallflower ( – an on-line apothecary (pharmacy) established by the 140-year old Chicago-based Merz Apothecary, shoppers can choose among 649 different bars of soap. Choose among 115 brands and 135 different scents from 24 countries. Read more »


Mystic Knotwork Bracelets

The nautical look is a style that seems to be timeless whether it’s the quintessential French sailor’s shirt or the American nautical rope bracelet. Back in the early 80’s, I remember purchasing my first Breton red and white stripe long sleeve sailor shirt for $26 in Newport, Rhode Island along with a white nautical rope bracelet that I wore on my wrist for most of the summer until sand and dirt mixed with water (and probably spilled beer) pushed it into retirement. The preppy look reigned at the time and although briefly threatened by the flash of disco fashions, the nautical look persevered and is enjoying a resurgence in popularity today. Read more »


Handwoven Cotton Throws

Several years ago, I restored my husband’s great grandmother’s farmhouse in Iowa:  a 2-story 900 square foot 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom little brown house that sits on a hill overlooking rolling hills of corn and soybeans. The project took nearly two years to complete but when finished, the “Little Brown House” looked like the little farm house my husband remembered visiting as a child.

With softly pleated green and white pinstriped curtains covering every window, multicolored braided rugs on the old wooden floors, and an upholstered sofa and rocking chair swathed in shades of “sage” and “celery” colored fabric, the Little Brown House was nearly perfect when the final touch was added: a handwoven apple green cotton throw by Nantucket Looms. Read more »


Bring Back Home Economics

Why is so much classroom time spent on Math, Science, English, and History and so little on Health and Nutrition?

Kids and teenagers are overwhelmed with homework, standardized tests, AP courses, sports, and extracurricular activities – all of which require the brain and the body to perform at an optimum level for success. Yet, time is rarely allocated to learning about what it takes to properly nourish the body because parents, schools, and outside sources (i.e. McDonald’s, Five Guys, Chick-fil-A, Dunkin Donuts, Chipotle) provide the finished product (food) to our kids. Read more »



Most fruit leathers are made from fruit puree concentrate (usually apple) combined with juice concentrate but not Veggie-Go’s by Naked Edge Snacks of Boulder, Colorado. Made with whole organic fruits and vegetables, spices, and organic flax seeds, Veggie-Go’s are delicious snack leathers with no added sugar and only 2-4 grams of naturally occurring sugar in each serving (most fruit leathers have 8-12 grams of sugar per serving). Gluten-free, non-GMO verified, kosher, vegetarian, and vegan, Veggie-Go’s are a delicious snack for both kids and adults. Read more »


The Yogibo

Bean bag chairs were first introduced into the American consciousness in the late 1960’s by a group of Italian designers at a company called Zanotta who believed people would find it comfortable sitting in a bag filled with styrofoam beans. Nearly 50 years later bean bag chairs are still the chair of choice for most kids who find them comfortable to sit in while gaming, reading a book, watching television, or using a computer. But what about adults who don’t find the old-school bean bag comfortable or kids who haven’t discovered real comfort in a bean bag chair? Say hello to the Yogibo, the new generation of bean bag chairs that both adults and kids love. Read more »