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May 8, 2017

Dimples (the fruit, not the adorable result of a smile)

by Anne Paddock

A Dimple is a sweet, easy-to-eat seedless Mandarin orange that is nutritious and delicious. With an easy to peel flesh (the whole orange can be peeled in one piece, a Dimple is a hybrid (the “gold nugget”) of the Mandarin variety with a bright orange bumpy “dimpled” rind which is how the fruit got its name.

It’s not a coincidence the name of this fruit shares its meaning with the adorable result of a smile.  Peel and eat a Dimple and you can’t help but smile, which if you’re lucky enough, will show in those cute dimples!

Grown in California and harvested in April, May, and June, the Dimple is medium-sized and tends to weigh about 5-6 ounces.

At about $1.99 per pound, the Dimple is an affordable, healthy, and super tasty sweet treat for kids – both big and small.  Place one or two in a backpack or lunchbox.

Dimples are available nationwide in the citrus section of your local grocery store. Look for the cute little blue sticker with the smiling dimple on it! Buy individually or in 2, 3, or 5 pound bags.

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