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Hey SC: It’s Time To Widen I-95

According to, South Carolina is the second deadliest state to drive in  – nearly 1,000 people (3 per day) were killed in 2016 and this is not sitting well with South Carolinians or the people traveling through the state who blame road conditions.

People in South Carolina have been making their views heard in a variety of creative ways including hiring planes to fly banners that say “Fix the Damn Roads” over the State House to forming alliances (Fix South Carolina Roads) to address the poor conditions of the roads. But, it’s not just potholes and deteriorating asphalt, it’s the inability of the highways to handle the amount of vehicles on the roads. Read more »


10 Things You Can Do To Make The World A Better Place

Sometimes the problems in our world seem so overwhelming that we underestimate the power of our ability to make a difference in ourselves (both physically and mentally), the environment, and in the lives of other beings. We all tend to think of ourselves first but life would have little meaning if not for others. So, in the spirit of making the world a better place, consider doing one or all of the following “little” things to make a “big” change in your world: Read more »


Aging Out….

If you’re a middle-aged parent of young adults or teenagers then you’ve probably noticed the great divide between yourself and the younger generation. And, it’s not just lifestyle, fashion (visible bra straps and pants falling down), body art (tattoos and piercings), music, and entertainment (What is it with “The Walking Dead?”) as these things seem to plague every generation.  Humor, which is generally thought of as universal within a culture is as much a part of the generational divide as everything else. Allow me to explain. Read more »


Mountain Dew? Doritos? In a Hospital?

Recently, I spent several hours at the JFK Medical Center in Atlantis, Florida where a friend was being treated. The waiting room was filled with family and friends who had very few options while waiting for news of their loved ones. In one corner of the room was a coffee maker and a basket full of  Otis Spunkmeyer Blueberry Muffins (which earned a D+ from for its 19 grams of sugar, 9 grams of fat, and 270 mg of sodium) while in the other corner were two vending machines. Read more »


The Big Why Questions for 2017….

With the beginning of a new year comes hope for a better future, a more enlightened approach to problem solving, and a commitment to do better. And, so we ask ourselves the questions that transcend time. Questions that hang over us like a wet towel or an annoying mosquito that never seems to go away. Questions that we try not to think about because they may be too hard to solve. Questions that are complicated, inconvenient and often easier to dismiss than figure out. But, questions nonetheless that are worthy of our time because they make us look at our ourselves and see if our actions are aligned with our beliefs. The questions also make us wonder if we are part of the problem or the solution. Read more »


Living in the Moment

It seems that every time I turn around, someone is trying to sell me a new way to stay connected or to connect some aspect of my life to technology and I’m not having it. Blame it on my age (baby boomers are reluctant followers) or simply stubbornness, but living in the moment means I interact with friends and family without having to pull out my i-phone to take a selfie and post it on social media so everyone can see what a great time I’m having with the other beautiful people in my life. These moments really are more meaningful – happy or sad – than any photo reveals because I’m living them. Read more »


10 Gifts for the Busy Mom

I hear you. Raising kids and running a house keep me busy, too.  I also have this little gig on the side called a full time job.

Finding just the right gift for the busy mom can be a challenge. Most moms usually have three things on their minds –  family, work, and dinner – so the idea is how to make these three super important parts of her life easier and a bit more relaxing.  With that in mind, here are ten gift ideas for the busy mom who doesn’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done: Read more »


Keeping Up With The Lingo

Last week my husband I were traveling and spent a lot of time in hotels which naturally led to watching television, which we rarely do. While viewing a golf tournament, a commercial for Trojan condoms aired featuring Lil Dicky (a rapper, according to Wikipedia) who closed the ad by saying “Trojan Bareskin Condoms are so sick” which left me perplexed. In my generation, the word “sick” meant ill, unwell, or about to vomit so why would anyone describe a condom as less than perfect or up for the job?  Because to the younger generation, “sick” apparently means cool, awesome, or really good so who better than a guy named Lil Dicky to endorse Trojans? Read more »


The Hardest Part of Living Vegan – Imperfection

For most people becoming vegan or plant-based is a journey and not a switch that was turned on one day. In fact, I don’t know anyone who was a carnivore one day and a vegan the next. The change is really an evolution which occurs over time. Very often, as was with me, a person becomes vegetarian because of a nutritional concern and then learns about the animal livestock and dairy industries and gradually cuts out dairy products out of a moral, ethical, or religious belief. And, then there is the third part of the vegan triangle which is the environment because there is no doubt the animal livestock and dairy industries are destroying the environment with the CO2 emissions, contaminated water systems, and forest destruction. Read more »


PlantPure Summit 2016

PlantPure Summit 2016 is a 10-day on-line series (September 7 – 16, 2016) that brings together healthcare industry experts from around the world to promote the benefits of plant-based nutrition and lifestyle changes to fight against heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and obesity. The summit is free and is a public service to learn more about nutrition and health so take some time, scroll through the schedule (the link is below), and listen to a few life-changing experts tell you how to lead a healthier life. 10 days. 60 speakers. 59 talks.  Invaluable Information. Read more »