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March 23, 2020

Some Humor in These Times

by Anne Paddock

Last week, my television started acting up which normally isn’t a big deal but with being isolated at home, the television has become more important. In truth, CNN has been my lifeline to the outside world keeping me informed.

The picture started changing into static lines of multicolored rainbows and I kept getting a message telling me to check the connection with the receiver, an error referred to as “771.” After verifying the cables were hooked up correctly, my husband called the cable company and spoke to a guy in the technical assistance department who walked him through all sorts of troubleshooting options before deciding we need a service call.

Two days later, the technicians showed up and I showed them the television. At the time, CNN was on and they could clearly see the problem with the picture:  the picture was momentarily ok but then streaked into a multitude of bright colors. One of the technicians scratched his head and with a straight face looked at me and said “well, the problem is that you’re watching CNN. You should be watching FOX.”  I burst out laughing, as he did also. It was a hilarious moment that I won’t forget because at that moment, it didn’t matter which political party each of us belonged to; it mattered that we could find humor in these times.

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