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Will Ferrell and Diane Savino on Equal Rights

Over the past week the country has been preoccupied with two cases before the Supreme Court regarding the equal rights of gays and lesbians to wed. In the first case, the Court is considering a challenge to Proposition 8, the California Constitutional Amendment which eliminates the right of same-sex couples to marry; and in the second case, the court is hearing a challenge to DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) that authorized states not to recognize same-sex marriages. Read more »


Dorset Cereals

Dorset Cereals hail from Poundbury, a small village on the southern coast of England in the county of Dorset. “Honest, Tasty, and Real” is how the company describes their muesli cereals made with simple ingredients:  oats, flakes, fruit, nuts, and seeds. Wholesome, delicious, and true is how I would describe these special breakfast cereals. Blending natural and wholesome ingredients together results in a tasty cereal full of whole grains high in fiber and protein. With no added sugar or salt, Dorset Cereals are a nutritious and delicious breakfast served with milk, yogurt, or fruit juice. Read more »


“How to Breathe Underwater”

….before I have a chance to really feel like her daughter again, we’re already saying goodbye.

How to Breathe Underwater is a collection of nine short stories written by Julie Orringer. Published in 2003, the book was dedicated in memory to the author’s mother, Agnes Tibor Orringer who died at the age of 46 in 1994 of cancer. Born in Hungary, Agnes Tibor was educated in the United States and grew up to be a doctor, wife, and mother. The author – 21 at the time of her mother’s death – was deeply impacted by her mother’s illness and although the stories are classified as fiction, the reader can’t help but think the author writes from experience.
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Kakawa Chocolate House

On a local street that winds around the historic district of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a small chocolate store called the Kakawa Chocolate House – an ode to all things chocolate and Santa Fe. Well known in warm drink circles as the place to go for hot chocolate, the store serves a variety of this rich intense elixir made from recipes that date back hundreds of years.Equally famous for their chocolates – truffles, caramels, mediants, and Chili d’Arbols, Kakawa is also known as an artisanal chocolate source where the chocolatiers make their own blend of 80% dark chocolate. Nary a milk chocolate in site, which is how the artisans dedicated to balancing tradition with cutting edge want it. Read more »


Don’t Blame CVS For Mandatory Health Screening

This past week, Rhode Island based CVS announced its 200,000 employees will be required to participate in a health screening or  pay $600 more in annual health insurance premiums. The health screening will be paid by CVS and will assess employee weight, height, BMI (body mass index), cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels. This information will be submitted to a third-party administrator (not CVS affiliated) who will review the data and assess healthcare risks. Read more »


Food Allergies? Try the Tasterie

For people with food allergies or parents struggling to find nutritious and tasty snacks for their kids with food sensitivities, allergies or special diets, consider the Tasterie, a  company whose mission is to find delicious and healthy food and snacks for a wide variety of dietary needs. Read more »


Ted Cruz on the Second Amendment

Junior Republican US Senator Ted Cruz from Texas made quite the scene a few days ago when he decided to enlighten Senior Democratic US Senator Dianne Feinstein on his grasp of constitution law during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on a bill to ban assault weapons. If you happened to miss this explosive exchange, click here to see and listen to the 6-minute cross-examination, of sorts.
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“The One and Only Ivan”

I too find it hard to believe there is a connection across time and space, linking me to a race of ill-mannered clowns.

In 2012, The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate was awarded the Newberry Medal for children’s literature. Ivan, a 400 pound Silverback gorilla has been living in a large cage at the Exit 8 (off I-95) Big Top Mall and Video Arcade for the past 9,855 days (27 years). Trapped as a baby and transported to the US, Ivan was raised like a human by Mack, his owner. When Ivan got too big to handle, Mack put him in the cage at the local mall and used him to attract shoppers. Read more »


The Excalibur Fruit and Vegetable Dehydrator

My daughter turned 17 recently and when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she replied “an Excalibur” meaning a food dehydrator, not the sword (big sigh of relief). Dried fruit is a favorite snack in our home but finding dried fruit without additives, sugar, or preservatives is difficult and often expensive. An Excalibur Food Dehydrator is the Cadillac of home dehydrators with the three attributes every dried food enthusiast wants:  sufficient cubic space, a timer, and accurate temperature control. Read more »


On the go? Go Picnic

We all need a meal to go from time to time but often sacrifice taste and nutrition for convenience. No more. A company – Go Picnic – has finally created a boxed shelf stable meal to go that  is nutritionally balanced, tastes great, and is easy to tote along. The ingredients are impressive and within each box are recognizable high quality foods that contain no trans fats, high fructose syrup, MSG, or artificial flavors or colors – just real food that tastes good. The boxes require no refrigeration, heating, or preparation and fit into a briefcase, backpack, or purse for an easy meal on the go. Read more »