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March 29, 2013

Dorset Cereals

by Anne Paddock

Dorset Cereals hail from Poundbury, a small village on the southern coast of England in the county of Dorset. “Honest, Tasty, and Real” is how the company describes their muesli cereals made with simple ingredients:  oats, flakes, fruit, nuts, and seeds. Wholesome, delicious, and true is how I would describe these special breakfast cereals. Blending natural and wholesome ingredients together results in a tasty cereal full of whole grains high in fiber and protein. With no added sugar or salt, Dorset Cereals are a nutritious and delicious breakfast served with milk, yogurt, or fruit juice.

DSC_0056There are five muesli blends and one granola available in the United States:

Simply Delicious Muesli:  A classic mix of oats, barley and toasted and malted wheat flakes blended with raisins, sunflower seeds,, dates, brazil nuts, and hazelnuts.

Simply Fruity Muesli: A blend of multi-grain flakes (barley, oat and wheat), raisins, dried papaya, and dried pineapple.

Fruit, Nut, and Fiber Muesli: Toasted and malted wheat flakes are blended with raisins, oat flakes, dates, sunflower seeds, toasted coconut, and hazelnuts to make this nutty and tasty muesli.

Berries and Cherries Muesli:  Raisins – 3 types – are blended with oat flakes, wheat flakes, blackcurrant flavor barley flakes, malted wheat flakes, barley flakes, dried cranberries, dried blueberries, freeze-dried cherries, freeze-dried blackcurrants, and freeze-dried raspberries to make this super fruity cereal.

Super Cranberry, Cherry and Almond Muesli:  A blend of toasted and malted flakes – wheat, barley, and oat – sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, raisins, almonds, and freeze-dried cherries.

Honey Granola:  The newest blend of oats, honey, sunflower seeds, flaked almonds, rye flakes, grape seed oil, pecans, pumpkin seeds, vanilla, and salt.

Simply Fruity LifestyleEach box of cereals is 12 ounces and costs $4-$5 a box, depending on where the muesli is purchased. Sold at grocery stores nationwide: Safeway, Publix, Giant, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Target and also is available on-line at ($21 for 5 boxes, shipping included for Prime members) or ($22-23 for 5 boxes with shipping free with orders of $49).

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