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August 5, 2017


Magnificent Bedding: Yves Delorme

by Anne Paddock

Talking about the thread count (the number of threads per square inch) of a sheet doesn’t generally get me too excited because there are so many other factors to consider when buying bedding including the type of cotton (i.e. Eygyptian, Pima, and Supima), threading, where the fabric is from, and the type of finish. Thread count simply doesn’t always represent quality – it’s like looking at a chocolate bar and considering the percentage of cocoa as the only factor that matters when in reality the type and quality of all the ingredients matter.

Bedding needs to be soft, durable and attractive and to be all those things, consumers need to find a company that emphasizes the importance of using high quality threads and material to make soft and attractive sheets, pillowcases, shams, duvets, and coverlets. Whether you’re a duvet devotee or committed to coverlets, Yves Delorme is one of the few companies that makes exquisite, comfortable bedding (in both styles) that is also durable (there are 10-year old Yves Delorme coverlets on beds in my home that still look as good as then did a decade ago).

Yves Delorme bedding is not the “bedding in a bag” on the shelves of the local bedding chain – which may look good and seem like a bargain, but really isn’t – because these bargain sets rarely last longer than a year or two, are never as soft as bedding made by Yves Delorme, nor are these bedding products made of the same quality fabric and materials that look beautiful year after year.

Made in France, Yves Delorme bedding is designed in-house with new styles offered every year. There are solids and prints with vibrant colors to dress your bed.

Of course, quality comes at a price and a typical bed outfitted in Yves Delorme sheets, pillowcases, a duvet or coverlet, and shams can cost upwards of $2,000 (gasp) but these beautiful bed linens can be purchased at 30-80% off at any of the Yves Delorme outlets in 6 states:

  • Charlottesville, VA (434-979-4111)
  • Bluffton/Hilton Head Island, SC (843-836-2050)
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee (423-265-4005)
  • Manchester, Vermont (802-366-4974)
  • Glendale, Arizona (623-877-9750)
  • San Marcos, Texas (512-392-1063)

Yves Delorme operates a website called Yves Delorme Outlet ( which provides the deeply discounted designs of the previous season (note:  all bedding photos are currently from last season and on sale). Often times, a complete set (flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcases, duvet or coverlet) is not available on-line but available in the outlet stores. So, call a store directly (the salespeople are the most knowledgeable, courteous, kind, and helpful salespeople ever) and ask for what you want. Many of the designs are complementary so you can mix and match if matchy-matchy is not your style.Recently, I found sheets and a coverlet at the on-line outlet but was unable to find standard pillowcases so I called the Charlottesville outlet store and they had the cases in stock. 2 days later, they arrived. The customer service is that good. So, check out the on-line store and then visit one of the outlet stores if nearby or simply pick up the phone and place an order over the phone. Your bed will never look so good!

  1. NestBedding
    Oct 4 2018

    I totally agree to the fact that bedding is so much more that just the thread count. I mean what is the point of a huge thread count if you are not comfortable while sleeping at your sheets? Quality matters, not the quantity.

  2. Aug 7 2017


  3. Thefitfrequentflyer
    Aug 7 2017

    Beautiful bedding. I think I will wait and check out their outlet store next time I’m in AZ.

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