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February 23, 2015

Real Black Licorice

by Anne Paddock

Black licorice tends to elicit strong opinions with most people falling into either the “love it” or “leave it” categories. For those who love it and for the few who are still on the fence, consider trying licorice made by Lakritsfabriken (“the licorice maker”) – a Swedish company committed to redefining what real licorice candy should taste like.

The American version of chewy licorice candy tends to contain wheat flour, corn syrup, glycerin, hydrogenated fats, gelatin, and refined sugar. Not the Swedish version; their licorice is different and unique because it relies on real licorice powder (which comes from the root of the Glycyrrhiza glabra herb) and pure cane sugar syrup. Martin Jörgensen, the founder and CEO of Lakritsfabriken developed an original recipe with completely natural ingredients that include real licorice powder, pure cane sugar syrup and rice flour instead of wheat flour to make it suitable for gluten intolerant people.Lakritsfabriken_black_licorice

Licorice by Lakritsfabriken is best described as balanced with a lingering sweet flavor. With a distinct licorice taste in every soft, chewy bite sized piece, this Swedish premium treat is the licorice of licorice. A 40 gram (1.4 ounces) box can be purchased for $3.99 from while a larger box (150 grams or 5.3 ounces) can be purchased for $16.95 rom

To read more about licorice by Lakritsfabriken and other products including salty, super salty, and sour licorice, go to the company website:

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