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May 31, 2014

Hand Woven Merino Wool Blankets

by Anne Paddock

Most people are not thinking about wool blankets this time of year but they should be because now is the time to buy a new hand-woven lightweight blanket from the Nordt Family Farm – a 400 acre working farm, 30 miles southeast of Richmond, Virginia on the banks of the James River in Charles City, Virginia.

Owned by Dianne Nordt and her orthopedic surgeon husband, Nordt Family Farm has all kinds of animals including a small flock of three dozen sheep who supply the merino wool used to make beautiful soft hand-woven blankets. Warm and cozy yet light enough for year-round use, the Nordt Family Farm Merino Wool Blanket has hand-hemmed edges to give a clean, modern look to a traditional favorite throw.

1229981_422166107892962_458213628_nEvery Spring, the sheep who produce the merino wool in shades of white, beige, brown, and grey are sheared and the wool is sent to a mill to be spun into yarn that Dianne uses to weave into blankets on the loom she received from her parents as a college graduation gift twenty years ago. The standard throw blanket is 72 inches by 50 inches (6 feet by 4 feet, 2 inches) and is made one at a time with both the naturally shaded yarns and the yarns she hand colors with plant-based dyes to obtain the yellow, blue, orange, green, red and pink accent shades.734640_349789778463929_1763443419_n

Each blanket is soft and beautiful yet cozy and breathable providing just the right amount of warmth for that 20 minute snooze or that quiet time spent on a favorite chair reading a book or favorite magazine. The perfect throw for a couch, bed, or chair, the Nordt Family Farm Merino Wool Blanket sells for $195 and can be purchased directly from Nordt’s shop on Etsy: Blankets purchased now will ship in mid-July. Diane Nordt also hand weaves the same styles in a baby blanket size ( 50 inches by 36 inches or 4 feet, 2 inches by 3 feet) for $110. To read more about Nordt Family Farm, visit the website:


The blanket pictured above is the blanket I purchased for my husband, who loves a light blanket to throw over himself for that afternoon nap.

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