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June 20, 2016


The Purple Carrot

by Anne Paddock

With our plant-based recipes, you’ll soon be cooking the world’s most delicious meals-

The Purple Carrot is an economical meal service provider of delicious entrees that will rock your culinary world by providing perfectly portioned fresh seasonal ingredients along with recipes to make it easy to cook up a flavorful plant-based meal at home in 30-40 minutes.

Everything is pre-measured (including spices) and of the highest possible quality, often organic, ethically sourced and always non-GMO so that all you have to do is follow the simple instructions for a delicious meal.

So how does The Purple Carrot work? Sign up, choose among two options listed below (that includes free shipping) and a recyclable box (with liners that are also insulated and biodegradable) will arrive every Tuesday:

  • Feed 2 people 3 times a week – 6 meals – for $68 (or $11.33 per meal)
  • Feed 4 people 2 times a week – 8 meals – for $74 (or $9.25 per meal)


Take the ingredients out of the box (each meal is separately bagged and labeled – even the garlic clove is peeled) and store in the refrigerator until you are ready to create a flavorful, spectacular, perfectly spiced meal by following the illustrated recipe. The only assumption is that customers have olive oil, vegetable oil, salt and pepper at their disposal. Simply chop, cook, and eat.Purple_Carrot_Recipe_Cards

You can pause, skip a week, or cancel any time. The menu for the upcoming week is always made available so if it’s not to your liking or you’re out of town, simply skip the weekly service. It’s that easy.

One of the great advantages to The Purple Carrot is that the service introduces really delicious food to people who want to eat healthier but don’t know where to start although the service is also fantastic for seasoned vegan cooks who just need a break from the old standbys. No thumbing through cookbooks, running to the grocery store for the three spices that you will never use except for that one recipe, and no stress from wondering if the dish will be a bomb or not because even non-vegans love this food – it’s that good.

The recipes are also very adaptable so you can adjust the ingredients to your liking – omit an offensive jalapeño pepper to avoid the heat in a dish, or add extra vegetables from the garden or fridge although nothing extra is needed because there is more than enough to eat. This past week, I whipped up:

Sweet Potato Mushroom Tacos with Mango Chile Salsa:  These were incredibly delicious and filling with smashed avocado lining the bottom of the warmed tortilla that is then piled with roasted sweet potato chunks seasoned with cumin, chipotle, salt and pepper, browned mushrooms and mango salsa (I left out the jalapeño).Purple_Carrot_Sweet_Potato_Mushroom_TacosAsparagus Caramelized Onion Flatbread with White Bean Puree; Asparagus and caramelized onions are a delicious savory combination especially when piled on top of a creamy white cannellini bean puree on a crunchy flatbread pizza-like crust made from flour (whole wheat, all-purpose, and tapioca) and cornmeal.  Purple_Carrot_Asparagus_Onion_FlatbreadNote:  The recipe calls for using raw fresh asparagus – both shavings and pieces – but I opted to grill the pieces over high heat for 2-3 minutes, as illustrated below:Purple_Carrot_Flatbread

Brown Rice Spaghetti with Miso Walnut Sauce and Crisp Green Beans:  This savory gluten-free dish calls for brown rice spaghetti noodles (hint:  test the pasta to obtain the right texture before draining), cooked fresh green beans with toasted walnut pieces in a creamy light sauce made of miso made from chickpeas, soy sauce, freshly grated ginger, and hot water from cooking the pasta. A squeeze of lemon juice was the perfect final addition to this texture and flavor rich dish.Purple_carrot_Brown_Rice_Spaghetti

All three dishes were outstanding and turned out just like the photos on the recipe cards. Hint:  Don’t throw out the recipe cards because you can use the recipes again on your own.  The Purple Carrot meal service encourages subscribers to learn and branch out into plant-based cooking. By simply making the dishes, you learn to be a better cook.

It’s also important to point out the people at The Purple Carrot are really, really nice.You can call them anytime to ask questions although the recipe directions are excellent (with usually 4 or 5 steps) complete with pictures. The company also sends extra food in the box so if a recipe calls for a half of a red onion, you receive the whole onion and they tell you to simply use the remainder for whatever you want. Ditto with fresh cilantro and lemon. My box also contained two bottles of Bolthouse Farms drinks – a green juice and a strawberry banana fruit drink.

You don’t have to be a vegan to love this food. It’s that good, and easy – even for beginners.

Enjoy $20 off your first order with code NEWCARROT. To subscribe or read more about The Purple Carrot, go to the company’s website:

Photo Credits:  The Purple Carrot

Update: 6 weeks and 18 meals later:  My love for the Purple Carrot grows with each week. After 6 weeks of cooking these meals, I would add that the food continues to amaze and delight me. Because I prefer a low oil diet, I reduce the amount of oil called for (instead of 2 tablespoons, I will use 1 tablespoon or instead of 4 tablespoons, I will use 2 tablespoons) and find the meals delicious. I also continue to add more vegetables and other ingredients. If the recipe calls for a 6 ounce sweet potato, I use the potato sent plus one of my own. If the recipe calls for 1/2 box of beans, I use the whole box.

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