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June 22, 2016

Sweet Freckles™

by Anne Paddock

Sweet Freckles™ is the catchy name for one of summer’s newest delicacies: a northwest strawberry cherry that has the best attributes of a fruit (cherry) and a berry (strawberry).  With the firm and juicy texture of a black or Rainier cherry and the delicate sweet flavor of a sun-kissed strawberry, the Sweet Freckle™ is a winning combination for those who love sweet summer fruit.

Grown in Washington, Sweet Freckles™ are exceptionally large, extremely firm, and delightfully juicy with a deep pink or red color speckled with slightly white to creamy beige undertones.

Sweet_Freckles™Intensely sweet, Sweet Freckles™ have a natural sugar level between 19%-25% (compared to Dark Cherries with 16%-20% and Rainer Cherries with 18 – 23%). These sweet berries are only available from mid-June to late July so get them while you can.Sweet-Freckles™

Sold in plastic clam shell quart sized containers that hold one pound, the Sweet Freckles™ sell for about $4.99 at grocery stores nationwide including Whole Foods Market.Sweet_Freckles™

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