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September 6, 2017

The Ultimate Brownie Spatula

by Anne Paddock

Getting brownies out of the pan intact has always been difficult for me. First I cut the brownies in the pan with a knife and then try to maneuver a spatula under the brownie which invariably results in crumbled pieces in the pan or broken brownies.

The brownies still taste great but they just don’t look as delicious on the plate. For years, I’ve searched for the right spatula but most are just too big (12 inches long or more) for the job until I discovered the Fox Run Cookie Brownie Spatula:  a 7 inch by 2.25 inch stainless steel spatula with a wood handle that makes cutting and serving brownies a breeze.

The Fox Run Cookie Brownie Spatula has a beveled edge that first cuts the brownie in the pan without squashing the sides and then is able to get underneath the brownie and lift it out of the pan in one piece.

The firmness of the spatula allows you to control the spatula and the square-shaped head that measures 2 inches by 2.25 inches provides just enough space to lift and keep the brownie intact. No more squished or clumped together brownies that often happen with standard sized spatulas.

Sold nationwide at retail stores including Walmart, the Fox Run Cookie Brownie Spatula is also available on-line through Amazon ( and Jet ( for about $7. This gadget is functional, easy to store, and makes serving brownies (and cookies) so easy!

It’s hard to believe that a fantastic kitchen tool can cost less than $7 but it really does.

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