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August 17, 2017

The Ultimate Pistachio or Olive Server

by Anne Paddock

Pistachios and olives make great appetizers and snacks but the question always seems to come down to what to do with the shells or pits?   I often stand in the kitchen and eat pistachios right out of the bag holding the empty shells until my hand is full and then toss the shells in the trash can. Or, I enjoy the olives but then have to find a casual way to dispose of the pit so that no one sees what I’ve been gnawing on.  An empty bowl can be placed alongside the bounty but this is often less than ideal because who wants to look at an olive pit that’s been munched on or a pile of empty shells?

Two brothers (Anthony Joseph and Richard Joseph) formed Joseph Joseph – a company that works to “identify everyday problems and solve them by designing functional solutions” came up with the perfect solution:  the Joseph Joseph Double Dish™ – a simple yet effective way to dispose of unwanted or unsightly food pieces instead of using a separate bowl. With one bowl nesting atop another slightly larger bowl with three curved chutes, shells and pits can be disposed of in a discreet way.  


Later on, simply lift the top bowl up and set it aside. Take the bottom bowl and toss the shells or pits into the trash. Although the Joseph Joseph Double Dish is perfect for pistachios and olives, the dish can also be used for cherries, peanuts, or edamame.

Made of melamine (a hard plastic), the Joseph Joseph Double Dish™ is BPA free, dishwasher safe, and light yet durable. The dish measures 7 inches across and 3 inches high and is available in two colors: white and stone grey or white and green. The Joseph Joseph Double Dish can be purchased for about $20 on-line through the company’s website: and retailers that carry kitchen products. Beware of copycats.

To read more about the Joseph Joseph Double Dish, click here to go to the company’s website (

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