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August 9, 2017

The Ultimate Veggie Brush: The Ring™

by Anne Paddock

Keep your veggies as clean as your diet.

Full Circle Home is a New York-based company committed to making safe, functional, and more beautiful products that make our lives easier and also contribute to a healthier planet by using bamboo (strong and doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers), bonterra (a petrochemical free plastic alternative made from plants), glass, recycled plastic, natural latex, organic cotton, cellulose (a sponge alternative that’s biodegradable), and plant-based materials.

Although the company makes many products, The Ring™ Veggie Brush stands out. Made to clean all produce from apples to zucchini, The Ring™ Veggie Brush has a bamboo handle that lets you hold on and clean with ease. The bristles cover about 40% of the ring and are tough enough to clean dirt off potatoes and leeks but soft enough to clean the most fragile mushrooms.

The big difference between The Ring™ Veggie Brush and other produce brushes is the shape. The smooth rounded ring shape allows the user to maintain a strong hold while using just enough force to clean the produce. But, it’s also how it’s made. Bamboo is incredibly strong so this brush is visually impossible to break. With 2-4 rows of bristles in a gradient, The Ring™ Veggie Brush is designed to get the job done by reaching the areas of irregularly shaped produce that need to be cleaned.

At $4.99 each, The Ring™ Veggie Brush is a great deal. Purchase on-line directly from the company at or at stores nationwide that carry kitchen products including Sur La Table and Whole Foods Market (where I bought mine for $4.49).

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