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August 11, 2017

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant: It Really Works!

by Anne Paddock

We heard natural deodorant never works. So we made one that does.

Most antiperspirants/deodorants contain aluminum – a metal that temporarily plugs the sweat ducts and prevents you from perspiring. Although there is definitely an upside to not perspiring at times, there is also a downside to rubbing aluminum-based antiperspirant under your arms every single day because our bodies can absorb the aluminum.  We don’t need aluminum to nourish our bodies and recent studies suggest a link between the amount of aluminum absorbed and retained in our body with cognitive decline.

But, finding an effective and great smelling deodorant made without aluminum has been a challenge. Most simply don’t work but Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant does – effectively and beautifully. Made without aluminum, propylene glycol, and artificial fragrance, Schmidt’s Natural Deodorants have an award-winning natural formula that keeps working all day long.  Using plant and mineral-derived ingredients, Schmidt’s Natural Deodorants help neutralize odor and absorb wetness. And, they smell divine, springy, and fresh. My favorite:  Geranium Flower.

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Schmidt’s Deodorant Company has been making natural deodorants since 2010. Today, the company offers natural deodorants in eight 3.25-ounce sticks:

  • Bergamot & Lime
  • Lavender & Sage
  • Rose & Vanilla
  • Cedarwood & Juniper
  • Ylang-Ylang & Calendula
  • Charcoal & Magnesium
  • Waves
  • Fragrance Free

and seven 3.25-ounce Sensitive Stick Formula:

  • Geranium Flower
  • Lavender Tips
  • Tea Tree
  • Jasmine Tea
  • Coconut Pineapple
  • Wave
  • Fragrance Free

The company also makes six 2-ounce Signature Jar Formula with a small spatula for easy application in:

  • Bergamot & Lime
  • Rose & Vanilla
  • Lavender & Sage
  • Cedarwood-Juniper
  • Ylang-Ylang & Calendula
  • Fragrance Free

The Sticks sell for $8.99, the Sensitive Sticks for $10.99 and the Jars for $8.99 and can be purchased directly from the company’s website:  The company also offers deluxe multi-pack sets:  a Signature Sticks 5-Pack for $43.99, a Sensitive Sticks 5-Pack for $53.99, a Signature Jars 5-Pack for $43.99, a Travel Size Sticks 5-Pack for $19.99, and a Travel Size Sensitive Skin Sticks for $24.99.


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