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June 22, 2014

Gina and May Umbrellas

by Anne Paddock

Gina & May makes an eye-catching collection of durable, striking, and stylish umbrellas that have been known to cause people to croon “I’m Singin’ in the Rain” while splashing through puddles. Graphic shapes of vibrant color – red, blue, green, fuchsia, tangerine, black, white and charcoal – are displayed on a nylon, non-fade fabric with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) protection of 25.

Spanning nearly 40 inches across, the fabric is fitted with a high quality windproof mechanism to minimize pressure on the frame, allowing the umbrella to easily flip back into place should the wind turn it out. The frame is made of fiberglass and aluminum with plastic fittings which make a Gina & May umbrella one sturdy and durable parasol. The simple yet bold look of these umbrellas can make the most miserable day a bit brighter…and drier.

home-slide3The handle, shaft, and tip of the Gina & May umbrella is made of wood, bringing function and style to this great accessory. The handle fits easily in the hand but is wide enough to comfortably fit on the arm. The length from the tip of the base to the handle is 35 inches.home-slide4

The company also makes a compact tote umbrella with the same fabric and designs.  The tote umbrella spans about 37 inches when open and is 22 inches from the tip to the handle. The frame is made of aluminum and fiberglass and the handle is plastic with a wrist strap for easy toting.  A protective sleeve in matching fabric is also included. When closed, the umbrellas is less than 12 inches long making it easy to fit in a purse, tote, briefcase, or backpack.665375_296161827163144_258185288_o

Gina & May umbrellas are made in Australia but can be found in the US on ($49.95 for the tote umbrella and $54.95-$59.95 for the standard umbrella) Several of the styles are also listed on Fab ( – $50 for the tote and $65 for the standard umbrella with free shipping. The company also lists retailers and on-line stores that stock their products at or order directly from the company. Totes are $49.95 and standard sized umbrellas are $59.95 with a flat international shipping rate of $30. From time to time, the umbrellas are available from various sellers on Ebay (

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