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November 28, 2011


Gold’n Krackle

by Anne Paddock

Years ago, I would drive to a hole in the wall place called the Middle East Bakery and Grocery Store on Fifth Street in downtown West Palm Beach to buy Gold’n Krackle – crispy flatbread that looked like whole and broken pieces of pita bread that had been baked to a crunchy cracker texture. Gold’n Krackle is made in seven flavors:

  • Plain
  • Cheese
  • Cheese and Oregano
  • Cinnamon and Sugar
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Hot & Spicy

08754728000_20100416140351477Great to just snack on or to serve with hummus or any dip, Gold’n Krackle was this hometown secret cracker made by the local Lebanese grocery store. Surprisingly low in calories, fat, cholesterol, and sodium, these crackers are delicious.  The cheese, cheese and oregano, and the cinnamon and sugar flavors taste great on their own while the hot & spicy, garlic, and onion are perfect with a mild dip. And, the plain are the perfect accompaniment with a spicy full flavored dip that just needs a crunchy transport.

Word of mouth spread and the local place had a hard time keeping up with demand so they expanded into a new facility in Mangonia Park, a few miles north of the original store (which by the way is still on Fifth Street, still looks like a hole in the wall, and still sells good Lebanese take-out food and of course, the Gold’n Krackle).

Many grocery stores including Whole Foods carry these crackers now, but you can also order them by the half case (6 bags for $24.25) or full case (12 bags for $37.75) plus shipping ($2-$4) on their website (listed below). It’s a deal.

Gold’n Krackle
Krackle Bread Company
5401 East Avenue
Mangonia Park, FL  33407
  1. Oct 23 2012

    Contact the manufacturer via the link on the post.

  2. Eileen Torrence
    Oct 22 2012

    the pricing is confusing I always purchased your case of 12 for $37.75, but the price of the cheese and oregano was different when I went to purchase it. Please tell me what a case of 12 cheese and oregano will cost?

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