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August 21, 2019

Vegan Dining Options in Asheville, NC (Part 8)

by Anne Paddock

Just when I think I have the vegan dining options figured out in Asheville, more pop up.  Most of the plant-based dining options in Asheville are at non-vegan restaurants which says a lot about the culture in western North Carolina.  Even if menus don’t list a vegan option, most restaurants accommodate plant-based eaters by eliminating the animal products or making an off menu dish.  With that in mind, the following restaurants in Asheville offer some great plant-based options for vegans.


  • Address:  350 Riverside Drive, Asheville
  • Phone Number:  828-350-0315
  • Website:
  • Hours:  Tues-Thurs:  5 pm – 9 pm; Fri and Sat:  4 pm – 10 pm; Sun:  10:30 am-9 pm
  • Prices:
  • Notable: The Kale Salad (kale, apples, raisins, grapes, walnuts, and onions (hold the cheese), the Embered Beets and Wood Grilled Carrots
  • Other Information: Live music

Smoky Park Supper Club is a total destination point down by the river in the River Arts District. Housed in some really big shipping containers (really) , Smoky Park Supper Club is not just a restaurant but also a gathering place (especially during the spring, summer and fall months).


  • Address: 22 Battery Park Avenue, Asheville (downtown)
  • Phone Number:  828-254-4003
  • Website:
  • Hours: Mon-Thurs: 11:30-3:30 and 5-9; Fri and Sat: 11:30-3:30 and 5-9:30; Sun: 12-3:30 and 5-9
  • Prices: $6.99-$11.99
  • Notable: Chai Pani has a “Special Diets Menu” that includes a section dedicated to Vegans (how cool is that!)
  • Other Information: No reservations taken

If Indian cuisine is your passion, this is the place to go. Located in downtown Asheville (close to the Asheville Pinball Museum and the infamous Wall Street), Chai Pani in a “funky, laid-back space” serving delicious Indian street fare.


  • Address:  697 Haywood Road, Asheville (West Asheville)
  • Phone Number:  828-505-0328
  • Website:
  • Hours:  Mon-Thurs: 8 am-8:30 pm; Fri and Sat: 8 am – 9 pm; Sun: 8 am-2 pm
  • Prices: Appetizers:$8-$10, Salads:$10-$12, Entrees and Specials: $10-$12
  • Notable:
  • Other Information:

BimBeriBon is one of West Asheville’s newest additions that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  For breakfast, vegans can choose avocado toast (is any vegan menu complete without avocado toast?), almond butter toast (without the honey), ancient grain porridge, or the Yam Hot Bowl (without the egg and crema). You can also ask for a side of steamed greens (ask them to hold the salt) – a dish that goes really well with the Yam Hot Bowl  (pictured  below).

For lunch and dinner, consider seven different appetizers (Mayan Pumpkin Seed Dip, Buffalo Cauliflower, Wok Seared Chinese Broccoli, Nachos, Okanami, Corn and Okra Pakora Fritters, and Sweet Potato Fries) , 3 types of salads (Organic Farm Greens, Vegan Krab Cake Salad,  or Falafel Kale Salad) and several entrees including Masala Dosa, Moroccan Vegetable Tagine, and the Mongolian Noodle Bowl. See the website for a full description of the above dishes (note:  the menu does change from time to time). In addition, there are daily specials (Monday is vegan lasagna, Wednesday is a pasta dish, and Friday is a vegan pizza).


  • Address:  99 S Lexington Avenue, Asheville (downtown)
  • Phone Number:  828-505-2852
  • Website:
  • Hours: Change with the seasons so check the website but generally open from 8 am-9:30 pm Thurs-Mon
  • Prices: About $5
  • Notable:  Chocolate Sorbet and Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Other Information: Sunshine Sammies also offers cones and cups of ice cream in various sizes along with other desserts.

Sunshine Sammies specializes in treats. It’s the place to go after school, or on the weekend, or even for dessert. With a  wide variety of vegan options including vegan ice cream (coconut vanilla bean, chocolate sorbet, and a rotating seasonal sorbet), vegan cookies (vegan chocolate chip, gluten-free peanut butter) and Sammies (think handcrafted ice cream sandwiches) in 3 flavors:  vanilla coconut milk and vegan chocolate chip cookies, chocolate sorbet and flourless vegan peanut butter cookies, caramelized banana coconut milk and flourless vegan peanut butter cookies). Or, you can build your own Sammie.


  • Address:  1 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville (downtown)
  • Phone Number:  828-505-3969
  • Website:
  • Hours:  Dinner:  Tues-Sun 5-10 pm; Brunch:  Sat and Sun 10 am – 3 pm.
  • Prices:  Appetizers are $7-$14; Salads are $11-$13; Entrees:  $22 and up
  • Notable:  The Hemp Salad and the Seeded Tofu
  • Other Information: This restaurant is what locals and tourists consider to be the best address in town:  1 Biltmore Avenue. Located in the middle of downtown across from Pack Square, Posana is front and center.

The Hemp Salad is made of local Bibb lettuce, hemp hearts, radishes, sprouts, and a lemon-hemp vinaigrette.

The Seed Crusted Tofu is served different ways depending on what season you are visiting. Below the tofu is served over beets and swiss chard with almonds with a vinaigrette.


  • Address:   111 Grovewood Road, Asheville (on the Omni Grovepark Inn property)
  • Phone Number:  828-424-7655
  • Website:
  • Hours: Lunch: 11 am- 3 pm; Dinner:  5-9 pm (10 pm on Sat and Sun); Closed Monday; Brunch: Sun 10 am – 3 pm
  • Prices:  Appetizers $5-$17; Salads $10-$12; Entrees $21-$32; Sides $6-$7
  • Notable: The Fava Hummus and seasoned pita triangles (ask for extra pita) and the Ancient Grains and Arugula Salad (huge portion)
  • Other Information:  The front bar often has music so if you want a quieter atmosphere, request seating in the dining room.

Fava Hummus

Ancient Grains and Arugula Salad

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