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August 5, 2014


by Anne Paddock

Most fruit leathers are made from fruit puree concentrate (usually apple) combined with juice concentrate but not Veggie-Go’s by Naked Edge Snacks of Boulder, Colorado. Made with whole organic fruits and vegetables, spices, and organic flax seeds, Veggie-Go’s are delicious snack leathers with no added sugar and only 2-4 grams of naturally occurring sugar in each serving (most fruit leathers have 8-12 grams of sugar per serving). Gluten-free, non-GMO verified, kosher, vegetarian, and vegan, Veggie-Go’s are a delicious snack for both kids and adults.

EPrflWQkT4CcGwIUNNESzr934UujFesEIxAQjSNxbKI,jUr77DNblmBRrkvnbJflOYXqNmU_nAdSMjJjqs3eI08,rWNEEaxUmGMaicCdamS1rUV1UBNikSNu4UoayGoAHEAVeggie-Go’s come in four luscious flavors: Mountain Berry Spinach, Sweet Potato Pie, Cinnamon Spice Beet, and Carrot Ginger. Packaged in single serving .42 ounce packets, Veggie Go’s sell for about $1.39 each and are more expensive than other fruit strips because they are made by hand using organic whole fruits and vegetables instead of apple puree concentrate and other flavors. The company also sells 3.5 ounce bags (equal to more than 8 strips) of “ends and bits’ which are just as tasty as the strips (just not as pretty) at 4 bags for $20 ($5 per bag).Y1RqPEi7uPu4o6YhJ34YmaJKyfI8RCw43zXCALF3sIs,CZL-Le1AbkZ3JrFS4Qty4vWU3kYwUKpg1on-PQWVjtM

The packets can also be purchased by the box (20 packets) for $23-$28, depending on the retailer (,, Abe’s market sells the 20 packet boxes for $26.99 but is always running promotions where products are discounted 15-20% bringing the box cost down to $22.95 ($1.15 each)- $21.59 ($1.08 each). The single packets are on sale for $1.04 each on today and tomorrow (with shipping free for all orders over $29). To find a store nearby, use the company store locator:

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