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Market Day in Geneva, Switzerland

Saturday morning is market day in most of Switzerland:  a time to wake up early, forgo breakfast at home with the knowledge that a better meal awaits at the Rive market in downtown Geneva.  Rive is actually the name of the parking garage that borders the market and because these two consonants and two vowels form such an easy word to pronounce, the market has become known as “Rive” by the locals. Read more »


Milk With Extra Deliciousness

Several years ago while we were living in Switzerland, my daughter came home from a friend’s house and told me she drank the most delicious milk in the world that day. The milk came from a Molkerei – the Swiss German word for a dairy store – in a small mountainous village called Schonried that overlooks Gstaad. With no preservatives and an off-white color (because the milk is not bleached), the milk from Schonried was creamy and delicious – just as one would expect from a Swiss dairy. Read more »